August Wrap-Up! || 2016

WELL, August went by in a flash, didn’t it? It did for me. It’s like I made the mistake of blinking and now September is all up in my face like HAH! Didn’t see me coming, did you?! *blows raspberry*.

I had a pretty fun time in the book world in August. I got a total of 8 books read which I thought was pretty impressive (by my standards, don’t scoff at me ye who can read 28471 a day) ESPECIALLY as it was my first month back at uni for the semester. Which, in short, means I’ve waved my life goodbye from the window. This is also my last month of uni! But more on that later. Firstly, let’s all flail for a moment because there’s a massive giveaway of sorts going on where you can get 33 free books (literally everyone is welcome to take them) so follow this link to get yours.

In other news, there were several things I wanted to quickly shout to you about, beginning with the fact that I have found THE MOST GORGEOUS bookstagram account which you all need to go and check out. Sherri’s (@pink_eye_pro) pictures are so pretty they hurt.

Nextly, Heather @ Bits & Books shared the funniest video featuring Chris Hemsworth as Thor in everyday life in a recent post and I died laughing. So do yourself a favour and go watch it.

THEN I also read this guest post  by Jacquie @ Rattle the Stars which has made me hunger with the desire to visit Bhutan so I thought I’d share the love and wave it in your face. It’s also discussing an August release (FOR 2017 THAT IS *cries*) that sounds fabulous so you really should check it out.

I think those are the main things I wanted to throw in your face bring to your attention. So. Let’s move onto the links for my yearly challenges which, if you click on, you’ll be able to see how much progress I’m not making. But for those too lazy to do so, I shall also provide a summary of my progress at the bottom of this wrap up.

 Red Palace
by Sarah Dalton

book two in the White Hart series

Genre: Young Adult, High Fantasy
Author: Sarah Dalton
Published: January 2014
Publisher: Sarah Dalton
Pages: 265 {e-book}

Will I continue the series? YES

I really enjoyed this sequel to White Hart. It didn’t eclipse the awesomeness of book one for me, but I certainly enjoyed it. I’m so excited to continue the series because I think it’s going to end with a bang. I definitely recommend this to everyone who enjoys fantasy!

The Challenge Count:

RMTBR challenge points award: 0
Fairy-Tale Retelling: N/A
Pop Sugar: N/A

My review


 The Price of Paradise
by Colin Brake

Genre: Sci-Fi, Doctor Who
Author: Colin Brake
Published: September 2009
Publisher: BBC Books
Pages: 256 {hardback}

Will I read more books by this author? YES

This was a really enjoyable Doctor Who book to read. It’s not my favourite of them all but I thought the Doctor was highly entertaining throughout. I really liked the idea of the planet that they visit in this one and think it would be awesome televised.

The Challenge Count:

RMTBR challenge points award: 0
Fairy-Tale Retelling: N/A
Pop Sugar: N/A

My review


Under the Empyrean Sky
by Chuck Wendig

book one in The Heartland Trilogy

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Dystopia
Author: Chuck Wendig
Published: January 2013
Publisher: Skyscrape
Pages: 368 {kindle}

Will I continue the series? NO

This is a book I received for review from NetGalley and I was . . . underwhelmed. There were a lot of things about this book that I just didn’t like in the end which really made me sad because the cover is beautiful. It had a great concept going for it but in the end I will definitely not be continuing the series.

The Challenge Count:

RMTBR challenge points award: 1
Fairy-Tale Retelling: N/A
Pop Sugar: N/A

My review


Fire & Flood
by Victoria Scott 

book one in the Fire & Flood series


Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopia
Author: Victoria Scott
Published: February 2014
Publisher: Chicken House
Pages: 366 {paperback}

Will I continue the series? YES

I don’t think I have enough words to explain to you how much I enjoyed this book. This is a book that has sat on my shelf for several years and has made me feel SO GUILTY. I knew I would love it (I’m always right about these things) – but would I listen to myself? No. I’m so glad I’ve finally read this and I can’t wait to  continue the series. I also read this as part of the #ReadThemAllThon.

The Challenge Count:

RMTBR challenge points award: 2
Fairy-Tale Retelling: N/A
Pop Sugar: N/A

My review


Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone
by J. K. Rowling

book one in the Harry Potter series


Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
Author: J. K. Rowling (narrated by Stephen Fry)
Published: November 2015/June 1997
Publisher: Pottermore, J. K. Rowling
Listening Time: 9 hours

Will I continue the series? BEEN THERE, DONE THAT

Obviously, I loved this one. I listened to it on audiobook and this is the first audiobook I’ve genuinely, really enjoyed. Stephen Fry is THE BEST narrator and it was amazing to revisit the story and relearn about all the things I’d forgotten about. There really is nothing like good ol’ HP.

The Challenge Count:

RMTBR challenge points award: 0
Fairy-Tale Retelling: N/A
Pop Sugar: A Book You Haven’t Read Since High School


 Carry On
by Rainbow Rowell


Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, LGBT
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Published: October 2013
Publisher: Macmillan
Pages: 528 {paperback}

all time favourite award

Will I read more books by Rowell? YOU BETCHA

It’s official. I’m a Rowell fan ON EXTREME LEVELS. I loved this book so much! This is the second Rowell book I’ve read (the other being Fangirl) and just ARGH – they’re amazing and I need more. Simon and Baz were just too cute, I nearly spontaneously combusted because I couldn’t handle it.

The Challenge Count:

RMTBR challenge points award: 0
Fairy-Tale Retelling: N/A
Pop Sugar: N/A

My review


Orphan Train
 by Christina Baker Kline 


Genre: Historical Fiction
Author: Christina Baker Kline
Published: April 2013
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Pages: 278 {paperback}

Will I read more books by this author? YES 

I was so pleasantly surprised about this book. I’ve heard lots of good things about it and it was such an interesting read. It really pulls at the heart strings but it’s a book that I think most people will love. Such a unique and compelling story and I desperately want to read more of Kline’s works now.

The Challenge Count:

RMTBR challenge points award: 0
Fairy-Tale Retelling: N/A
Pop Sugar: N/A

My review


 Rebel Spring
by Morgan Rhodes

 book two in the Falling Kingdoms series


Genre: Young Adult, High Fantasy
Author: Morgan Rhodes
Published: November 2013
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 416 {paperback}

Will I continue the series? YES 

This series is just going to keep on getting better, I can tell. I read the first book earlier this year and just flew through it – and I’d love to just buy the rest of the series and sit down and gobble them all up. But I’d never have the attention span for that (plus that sounds far too much like a TBR). I seriously can’t wait to continue the series because this book was just ARGH. Also, the number of characters that die in this book was alarming.

The Challenge Count:

RMTBR challenge points award: 0
Fairy-Tale Retelling: N/A
Pop Sugar: N/A

Review to come


 What else did I blog about this month?

The Statistics

Genres Read:


Pages Read:


Total: 2,700

Progress Towards Goodreads’ Challenge:

93%, or, 65/70 books

I’M SO CLOSE. I think it’s safe to say that I’m probably going to eclipse my challenge this year which is awesome! I’m not going to officially up my challenge if I do (mostly because I’ll feel super satisfied to have a visual representation of my over-achievement, #humble) but secretly I’m aiming to hit 80 (or 100, you know).

Overall progress of RMTBR challenge:

Points accrued in August: 3
Number of books read in August that counted: 2
Total points: 33
Mini challenges completed: 2/10



The Fairy-Tale Retelling Challenge:

Retellings Read: 0
Level Achieved: Goose Girl

You know, I really thought I’d fly through this challenge but suddenly NOPE, I’ve read hardly any retellings lately!

Overall progress for Pop Sugar Reading Challenge:


What about me?

August was a depressing month having spent all of July in England, *sigh*. Nonetheless! I’m back to uni and have started my FINAL semester. Which is a little scary but mostly exciting. I cannot express how excited I am to be so nearly done with studying! Oh the blissful promise of summer filled with nothing. It will be glorious. Well, I’ll be working but that’s different. I fully expect to have enough time to read 94721 books in November and December.

This semester I’m studying African History (and it really is quite broad), Museum & Curatorial Studies, and, of course, Italian. So just three units but somehow it’s still managing to tie my hands up. If you’re asking me what my plans are upon graduation then well . . . erm. Good question. I’ll get back to you on that one. Truth be told, I’ll hopefully be able to make proper plans by the end of September. For various reasons. *waggles eyebrows*

Has anyone else noticed Christmas decorations already going up by the way? THAT MAKES ME NERVOUS. And a wee bit excited, because CHRISTMAS *throws confetti*. I only mention this because I ventured into the outside today and went shopping in town – fear not, I gave an appropriately baffled glare (that’s a thing) to the people decorating Christmas trees. Gah. Anyway.

I can’t say an awful lot actually happened this month if I’m being entirely honest. I’ve been really getting into my Instagram lately, I have to say (I’m @ozbooksnail if you’re interested). I’ve also got a BUNCH of ideas for blog posts for the up coming months so when I get time to pump those out I will. I also totally had a break through for the book I’m writing (have I told you I’m doing that? Well, I am). Driving to uni one day I suddenly went YES THAT’S IT. So now I have three whole books planned, *evil laughter*. It’s a YA/Fantasy, just so you know.

I also *may* have some exciting news for you this time next month. Although if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram *if* it happens you’ll find out sooner. But anyway! I wanted to spend a few words YELLING AT YOU because I’ve found the perfect subscription box: The Dragon’s Hoard. It is an Australian one but oh my lord, you don’t even understand just how amazing it’s been. Joyce who runs it is super lovely too! Just you wait until you see my September unboxing (my mind was blown). If you live in Australia I CANNOT recommend this enough, just take my word for it – GO FORTH AND ORDER.

Movies I watched:

  • The Legend of Tarzan, 2016: 10/10 stars
    This literally could not have been any better than it was. Tarzan is my favourite Disney movie so I appreciated this on about 947219 different levels. WATCH IT.
  • Jason Bourne, 2016: 2/10 stars
    I hated this movie, truth be told. I only really went to accompany a friend but EURGH. Such excessive violence! Like, I understand action movies will be violent but this was just sick. This was not entertainment.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1996: 9/10 stars [rewatch]
    I sort of have a rule where I don’t rate Disney movies 10/10 (I don’t know why, just go with it). But really this is a 10. I hadn’t rewatched this for years! I’d forgotten just how fantastic the music was – somebody please turn this into a West End production.

  • Beauty and the Beast, 1991: 9/10 stars [rewatch]
    Again this was just absolutely gorgeous! I loved it from beginning to end. I’ve also been singing the songs all month, I suppose there are worse things but sometimes humming Be Our Guest on the train gets you funny looks.
  • Avatar, 2009: 9/10 stars [rewatch]
    I’d completely forgotten just how AMAZING this movie is. Like, sheeshkebabs. The animation is just to die for. End of story.

And I didn’t watch any TV series. At all. I’m one of those strange people who has to make a real concerted effort to do so. Oops. I’ll try harder in September, promise. If you’re interested in knowing what I *might* be reading in September – check out this post on Instagram where I took a TBR photo. But I probably won’t stick to it. Just saying.

Tick! August done! 

What was your favourite book that you read in August? 

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~



12 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up! || 2016

  1. Pretty impressive wrap-up. I have the first three books in the Falling Kingdoms series but I haven’t read any of them yet. I usually wait until a series is complete before I read the books because I am just way too impatient to wait in between releases…and also, cliff hangers are a thing lol. I’ve been meaning to pick up Fire & Flood (and Salt & Stone) for quite some time now but they got buried in my wish list and I keep forgetting to pick them up. I’m going to make sure I do that now that you’ve rekindled my desire to own them. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh you absolutely must get into Falling Kingdoms as soon as your impatient heart allows (but yes OMG the cliff hangers in that one are murder).

      YOU WON’T REGRET FIRE AND FLOOD. Well, I hope not now that I’ve said that. But omg it is addiction on paper. (Plus pretty covers are a bonus, right?).

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay for a wonderful August and almost being done with University! That is super exciting! African History sounds fascinating… will African history be your next feature post?! I actually know NOTHING about it, so I would be very interested in reading what you are learning about.

    Um… How did I NOT know you were writing a book?! Super exciting!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your wrap up posts so much especially the graphs!! 😍 You had such a great reading month!! And your bookstagram photos are all so pretty too!!

    I am not a Christmas person so seeing all the decorations going up brings out my inner Grinch 😅 Good luck with your last semester of uni ♥ African History sounds super interesting!!


  4. I just found you via It Starts at Midnight (you commented there and something about it caught my eye), and I’m already in LOVE with your Instagram with just this one post. Definitely following you there now. This is quite an impressive wrap-up post! If you’re interested, I have a Wrap-Up Round-Up where people link up their wrap-up posts and then I do a giveaway that encourages people to read everyone’s posts. Feel free to link up if you want! You can find it HERE.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’d love to go to Bhutan as well. I love that no one really knows about it and it’s so untouched – and it just looks like the most beautiful place.

    I’ve watched that Thor video approximately a million times since it was released and it’s still as funny as the first time watching it. I love how Bruce Banner is confused about how he always wakes up in cut-offs and Thor is like, “you don’t go in with cut-offs, but you come out with cut-offs”. They really ask the big questions.

    Liked by 1 person

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