About & Contact

Hi! I’m Kirstie, an Australian book blogger. I have a keen interest in dragons and history and love to surround myself with all things bookish! I run an Instagram and YouTube channel alongside this blog so please check those out for more fun content!

I am an affiliate with:


Angus & Robertson Bookworld

All links to these gloriously bookish website on this blog will mean that if you DO buy that book, I get a small commission! It doesn’t cost anything on your behalf and it helps me out, so thank you in advance!

Genres I Read

Historical Fiction
Science Fiction

I will also consider non-fiction, I am particularly interested in Own Voices and Climate Change themes/topics/authors in this genre.

What I Review

I do my very best to review each and every book that I read.

I am not currently accepting independent review requests

My review are spoiler-free unless otherwise stated. I post all of my reviews on Goodreads prior to publishing them here (so if you’re really keen, check out my Goodreads profile).

What I Post

I post book reviews, discussion posts, reviewing tips, and every now and then you might be lucky and see a giveaway!

My monthly feature:

//currently on a hiatus from this – plans to resume 2022 //

Past to Paper

{ See the original post }

Past to Paper is my own original monthly feature that combines my love of history with books. Each month I do one feature on a certain historical period or topic and discuss its presence (or lack thereof) in literature.


Authors, please note: I will only accept books for review within the genres that I read; make sure you see above if your book is suitable for my preferences.

email: ozbooksnail(at)gmail(dot)com

67 thoughts on “About & Contact

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  2. Hi, I wanted to leave a comment on your post re: ARC’s and the life of a reviewer, but there’s no place to do so – are comments closed?
    The comments: Getting ‘free’ books/epubs has a cost – your time and effort to read and then write the review. The person who doesn’t ‘pay’ appropriately eventually gets taken off the list of the people who provide the ‘free’ items.
    So, if you measure your time against the cost of the book, who comes out ahead? It’s a serious question, because I’m wondering if passion for the books (and getting lots of them that you’d read anyway) is worth more than money.


    1. Hi! I’m sorry about that, the comments are definitely open so I’m not sure why you were unable to comment there.

      In regards to your question, I guess it comes down to you, personally, and how you see the reviewing process. For me, I love reading and I love reviewing; I don’t see it as time consuming or “payment” as it’s something I enjoy doing. In that sense, for me it is fun and a privilege to receive books for review.

      Maybe if it feels too much like an obligation or a task then reviewing ARCs is not for you. Unless you requested the book, you should not be under any obligation to read it. If you did request it, then fair enough – if you don’t then review that book and the “payer” as you say decides not to send you anymore, that makes sense. My advice would be to know how much of your time you feel like dedicating to reviews and to request accordingly.

      So it’s really totally up to you! But I wouldn’t say that there is a negative “cost”, at all, when it comes to writing reviews. Hope that answers your question!

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