A Tour of Western Australia

Welcome to WA! I had this idea to share the wonderful land that be my homeland: Western Australia. Despite many a man saying that Perth has nothing to offer – today I shall PROVE to you that we are, in fact, the best damn place on the planet. I’m going to do this via a fancy map, tantalising tales of my adventures, and name-dropping books set in my state. FETCH THY TEA AND LET’S GO.

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Spring Reads || Recommendations to Make You Feel Sigh-Ful

Hello friends! Today is a most glorious day in Perth and whilst I gaze out on the rolling meadows and am fed grapes by my personal dragon servant whilst my fictional boyfriends fan me with a palm frond, I thought hey, I should make a list of books that give you all the feelings that Spring gives you. What a good idea. Continue reading

September Book Releases I Really Want but Am Yet To Get

The eternal struggle of being too poor, having too many books or not enough shelf space. It is particularly cruel at this time of year: September. What is it about September that the publishing companies go: oh yes, what a good month to releases all our books. I would positively gasp if they decided one year to spread out the releases. Continue reading