Quick History in Ivan the Terrible || AUDIOBOOK REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!

Ivan the Terrible: The Complicated Life of Russia’s Psychopathic Tsar by in60Learning


Genre: History
Author: in60Learning
Published: March 2018
Publisher: in60Learning
Audiobook Length: 1 hour
Page Count Equivalent: 36 {kindle}

Review on Goodreads

Big thanks to in60Learning for providing me a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review! Continue reading

Books to Read this Spring! || Top Ten Tuesday

I am so excited about the promise of Summer! Being in Australia, whilst all you Northern Hemispherers get excited for Autumn, I’m gleefully ditching the doom and gloom of what felt like an ENDLESS and overly chilly winter. I cannot wait for warm weather, the beach, late sunsets and ICE CREAM. Just kidding, I eat ice-cream all year round – I’m not a barbarian. Continue reading

A French Mystery in The Adventures of Theodore Poussin: Captain Steene || GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW

The Adventures of Theodore Poussin: Captain Steene by Frank Le Gall


Genre: Graphic Novel, Mystery
Author: Frank Le Gall
Published: September 2018 [in English]
Publisher: Europe Comics
Pages: 46 {e-book}

Review on Goodreads

I received a copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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August Book Haul! || 2018

I surprised myself this month with the little amount of books I accrued on my TBR. I think I must be broken, don’t you worry – I’ll try harder in September. I think this was partially aided by the fact that I didn’t receive any books from publishers in August, which was a nice chance to catch up on my TBR. But let’s jump into it! Continue reading

Hidden Gems You Need to Read || Top Ten Tuesday

I’m very excited about today’s topic because I feel like I’ve read a plethora of under-appreciated books and now is my chance to FORCE them upon you – kindly, that is. A gentle smack on the head in the form of a recommendation? ANYWAY. Brace yourself and get your fingers a-clicking on Goodreads and the Book Depository to get yourself reading some of these. Continue reading