Let’s Talk About ARCs

I’ve been around in this corner of the interwebs blabbering on about books for (a few days short of) two years now and this has recently brought two things to my attention:

Bloody hell, two years? How did that happen, and;


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Hope in The Red Ribbon || BOOK REVIEW

The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington


The Red Ribbon

Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult
Author: Lucy Adlington
Published: September 2017
Publisher: Hotkey
Pages: 292 {paperback}

Review on Goodreads

Thanks to Allen & Unwin for providing me with a review copy for this in exchange for an honest review!

This review is spoiler-free until I state otherwise

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You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

Doesn’t that sound cheery? Hello, everyone! This book tag is actually a heap of fun. In fact, I’ve already answered the questions over on my BookTube channel but I had so much fun doing it I decided to do it again, here, for your personal entertainment. Thus, all the answers here were re-drawn and are therefore different. If you do want to see what I drew the first time, however, then hang tight – the video will be up in the next few days. If I remember (which I probably won’t), I’ll link it HERE. Plus I want to see some of your guys do it so I can continue to enjoy the hilarity that is sure to ensue. Continue reading

Props for Bookstagram: Do You Need Them?

Hello everyone! I hope I find you all positively splendid. I myself am mostly okay but slightly traumatised from having to get rid of multiple spiders today. Don’t you just love Australia in the sprintime? *shudders*. TODAY we shall be doing the exciting task of examining the crucial aspects of BOOKSTAGRAM PROPS and whether they are an important contribution to our photographical masterpieces or not. Moreover, I thought I’d discuss what to do about props when you’re just starting out and I might even find myself kind enough to share suggestions of what you can do before you have any props

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