Spellbound Subscription Box Unboxing || July 2016

Today I bring you something sparkly and new – an wonderful Australian subscription box! Spellbound is a lovely company that provides bookish merchandise that is themed each month. The cost of their box is $25 AUD and FREE shipping. You heard right, my lovelies.

I loved everything in this box as July’s theme was –


– so really they had the thumbs up before I’d even opened my parcel! The service was great and the merch arrived in a package rather than box (but I suppose that depends on what’s in the box?). But onto the exciting stuff.

Spellbound is an Australian subscription box company who release one box per month. In these boxes are several bookish items. There is no book in this box, it is themed, bookish merchandise only (which is awesome). They’re such a lovely company and always doing their best to please!

A Quick Overview

There were five items in July’s box and they’re all really cool. This is a quick picture of them all. I think the things that they selected to include were really cool and awesome additions to your collection of stuff for fandoms you love. I think I will be just getting this box when a fandom comes up that I go OH I LOVE THAT.



I didn’t take a picture of this one just by itself but you can see the card in the picture above. I thought this was such an excellent idea. Having recently gone to the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour in London and tasted Butterbeer (omg yum) I am absolutely DEFINITELY going to be making some of my own now.

Dark Mark Temporary Tattoo

I didn’t take a picture of this one individually either. I will of course be applying this at some point. I find temporary tattoos to have a wonderfully rebellious feeling to them. The temptation to put this on my forearm so I can walk up to people and whisper, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, is great.

Deathly Hallows Keychain

This is my personal favourite of all the items in this month’s box. I love keychains, I would buy so many of them but there are only so many you can have. This is currently clinging to my purse along with my “So Many Books, So Little Time” keychain. It’s beautiful, it’s cool, and an absolutely necessary item for a Potterhead.

Dobby is a Free Elf Button

I actually love this pin so much – it makes me feel like I’m joining in Hermione’s campaign for the house elves. I have the most excellent collection of these adorable buttons now so this is hanging with the rest of them. Every now and then I’m going to put it on and make of tally of how many people burst into tears at the thought of Dobby. I’m a kind person like that.

Harry Potter Glasses and Scar Necklace 

I think these glasses are seriously cool. I’ve never seen any before that have the little scar attached to them as well. I’m super keen to proudly prance around the world with these dangling around my neck. No-one will doubt my Potterheaded-ness then, *nods*.

I really enjoyed this box and I will definitely order another next time a theme/fandom comes up that I’m keen to get some nicknacks for.

August’s theme is:

Game of Thrones

What are you waiting for? I KNOW there are a bunch of GoT fans out there and the sneak previews look excellent, so I bet you’ll love this one!

That’s a wrap!

Want to join in on the fun in August? Visit their website . . .

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~


5 thoughts on “Spellbound Subscription Box Unboxing || July 2016

  1. Ooh, this is super cool!! And it’s also awesome that it’s just bookish merch. LOVE. (And also I love Game of Thrones ahhhh.😍 Ahem. Focus Cait. Focus on this box.) SO. Harry Potter is awesome and I love the Deathly Hallows necklaces particularly. Eeep. I’ve never applied a fake tattoo actually…omg my life is the most boring. I can’t even pretend to be a rebel. AH WELL.
    Glad it was a successful unboxing for you! 😀

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