August Book Haul! || 2018

I surprised myself this month with the little amount of books I accrued on my TBR. I think I must be broken, don't you worry - I'll try harder in September. I think this was partially aided by the fact that I didn't receive any books from publishers in August, which was a nice chance … Continue reading August Book Haul! || 2018

August Wrap-Up! || 2017

Hello my friends! Welcome to my wrap-up for August. I got a lot of reading done last month which I'm supremely happy about. I wish I could say the same for blogging but other than pumping out over-due book reviews I seem to be flailing in the pursuit of a blogging routine. So bear with … Continue reading August Wrap-Up! || 2017

Lit-Cube Unboxing || August 2016 Special

Today I'm bringing  you a terribly exciting subscription box. Lit-Cube is an American, bookish subscription company and if this box is anything to go by, they're seriously amazing. I wish I could order from them again and again, but alas, international shipping is nasty. In August, Lit-Cube offered a specially curated once-off box which was … Continue reading Lit-Cube Unboxing || August 2016 Special

August Wrap-Up! || 2016

WELL, August went by in a flash, didn't it? It did for me. It's like I made the mistake of blinking and now September is all up in my face like HAH! Didn't see me coming, did you?! *blows raspberry*. I had a pretty fun time in the book world in August. I got a … Continue reading August Wrap-Up! || 2016