August Wrap-Up! || 2018

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you my August wrap-up and I’m really pleased with how my reading month went. I might not have read a million and one books and I may also have had to lower my reading goal for the year (down to 75 . . . originally it was 100) but I’m happy!!! I feel like I finally learnt the valuable lesson of why I should just DNF (did not finish) those books I’m simply not enjoying!

August was a pretty chill month for me. I did no travelling, I worked my usual hours – and aside from being sick in the very last week of the month, everything was perfectly normal. I feel like normality never happens so many wows towards that. I really did read some fantastic books – so let’s have a look at the deals happening around the bookish world and then dive straight into what I got up to this month.


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What I Read

by Naomi Novik

5 Star Rating System 4 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Author: Naomi Novik
Published: May 2015
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Audiobook Length: 18 hours

Page Count Equivalent: 435 {hardback}

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. In all honesty, I don’t think I’d ever really read the blurb to this so I had some very loose ideas of what it was about. I read the audiobook version and really enjoyed it! There was a good amount of intrigue, magic and some characters I seriously loved! I can’t wait to read more by Novik.

Review to come

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A Court of Frost and Starlight
by Sarah J. Maas

5 Star Rating System 3 stars

Genre: Fantasy
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Published: May 2018
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 229 {paperback}

Will I continue the series? YES

I finally read it! I’d been so uninspired to pick this up because I’ve seen exactly zero enthusiastic reviews about it. Everyone’s just sitting around the table nodding their heads being like, yeah – it’s nice. My main thoughts were: wow this is going to be a whole book on Feyre and Rhys not knowing what presents to get each others, and: I didn’t actually think Sarah could make the sex scenes anymore explicit than previously but DARN she proved me wrong.

Review to come

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Ivan the Terrible
by in60Learning

5 Star Rating System 4 stars

Genre: History
Author: in60Learning
Published: March 2018
Publisher: in60Learning
Audiobook Length: 1 hour

Page Count Equivalent: 36 pages

I had the delight of getting once more in contact with in60Learning to team up with them. This time, I received three of their audiobooks on history in exchange for review and this is the first I’ve read. I’ll have a review coming shortly with a GIVEAWAY involved so keep an eye out for that!

Review to come

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by Art Spiegelman

5 Star Rating System 5 stars

Genre: Historical Fiction, Graphic Novel
Author: Art Spiegelman
Published: October 2003
Publisher: Penguin Books
Pages: 296 {paperback}

I cannot even begin to express my love for this bind up of the two volumes of Maus. The graphic novel is a stunning account and portrayal of WWII from a Jew’s perspective going through Auschwitz. I loved how honest it was and I loved the insight into the author’s own journey in recording the story. A must-read, for sure.

Review to come

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Dragonfly in Amber
by Diana Gabaldon

5 Star Rating System 5 stars

Genre: Historical Fiction
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Published: July 1992
Publisher: Recorded Books
Audiobook Book Length: 39 hours
Page Count Equivalent: 743 {paperback}

Will I continue the series? YES

I am truly in love with this series. Having now read this second book in the Outlander world, I cannot get enough and cannot wait to continue on to Voyager. There’s a reason there’s so much love and hype for this series!!

Review to come

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The Cruel Prince
by Holly Black

5 Star Rating System 5 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Author: Holly Black
Pages: 370 {paperback}

Will I continue the series? YES

I loved this! I picked this up fully expecting that it would be a great read and one that I would enjoy immensely. It was everything I’d hoped for and so much more. Black has such a way with writing faeries and I’m so impatient with wanting to continue on the story!

My review

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The Honourable Thief
by Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

DNF’D AT 30%

Genre: Historical Fiction
Author: Meaghan Wilson Anastasios
Published: July 2018
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Pages: 448 {paperback}

Ach, this just wasn’t for me in the end but I was really happy that I realised that and put it down, rather than push myself through it and end up with a mediocre read. Such a shame! I had so much hope for this author, whose previous co-written book I loved.

My review

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Dragon Champion
by E. E. Knight

DNF’D AT 50%

Genre: Fantasy
Author: E. E. Knight
Published: December 2005
Publisher: Ace Books
Pages: 371 {paperback}

Will I continue the series? NO

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy this, it was more that I lost motivation to push through the trickier, heavier style of writing and once put down, did not get picked back up again for several months. Thus I finally admitted to myself that it simply wasn’t going to happen, but maybe some other time.

Review to come

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On the Blog

I made such a damn effort to blog more regularly in August so ARE. YOU. READY? This is going to be the longest list of posts in a month for such a long time.

On Booktube

And I’m still going strong with my once a week video plan on BookTube. I’m on FIRE.

The Statistics

Genres Read:


Pages Read:

graph (1)

Total: 2,109

Progress Towards Goodreads Challenge:

64%, or, 48/75 books

What About Me_

August seemed to fly by. I worked and I read – and in all honesty I’m not sure I did anything other than that much worthy of note. The one thing that did happen is that Jayden’s birthday (my boyfriend) fell in August and I took him to see Aladdin the musical which was obviously fantastic! I also bought the Aladdin mug from the merchandise store and it matches my one for The Lion King. This, I was very pleased about.

The other bit of exciting news is that I’m starting a new job in the publishing field in the up-coming weeks and I cannot wait!! It’s so nice to put in the yards and get to live out your dream.

But other than that, I think that’s all I’ve got to say for how August went down. I didn’t participate in any read-a-thons or things like that. The only other thing I can say is that I’m really trying hard to get back on top of my blogging game and post more regularly (and catch up on reviews!!) but that is SO MUCH easier said than done. So let’s take a look at what I watched!

Movies I Watched:

Pulp Fiction, 1994: 5/10 stars

This was an interesting. Having not seen it until now, I’d always felt I was missing out on something by not knowing anything about it. It was very gory and violent and I’m not sure it was really my kind of film, but I did enjoy it somewhat. Probably won’t ever re-watch it, however.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, 2018: 7/10 stars

This was a beautiful sequel to the first movie and one I enjoyed very much so. It was a good laugh with some beautiful songs in it. I was genuinely surprised by how much I loved it given that the first one was already so good!

Master and Commander, 2003: 7/10 stars

This was an unexpected little gem for me. It was one of the random picks when you’re looking for something to watch and find something you’ve never heard of before. It was just an enjoyable little sea-faring action movie and starring my beloved Russell Crowe.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, 2018: 7/10 stars

Of course I was going to watch this! I’m a big fan of the book and so, like everyone else, I rushed to Netflix as soon as this was released and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was such a good adaption of the book!!

Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006: 4/10 stars

This was nothing like what I was expecting it to be. I can’t say that I hated it but I didn’t really enjoy it. It felt like two entirely different storylines and was excessively violent. Uncomfortable is definitely a word I would use to describe how this film made me feel.

Dunkirk, 2017: 10/10 stars

This was a re-watch for me and it was just as amazing as the first time. It’s such a powerful and poignant film and I think it’s well worth everyone’s time to watch it. This is an historical drama done right.

TV Series I Watched:

Anne With an E, 2017: series 1 & 2

I have been enjoying this so, so much. Whenever I get an hour free I’ve been so excited to pop on an episode of this and frantically drink tea and do my knitting. I cannot recommend it enough.

Amazing Interiors, 2018: series 1

This has been another good binge-watch for me. Whether it’s whilst I’m doing some ironing, stopping for lunch or in the bath, it’s just a good bit of fun to see what whacky designs some people come up with.

World War II in Colour, 2009: series 1

This is something I’ve been watching here and there with Jayden when I want something chilled out to watch. Because I’m a nerd and a chilled out time obviously has to involve some history. It’s actually really cool to see all the footage in colour.

Tick! August done! 

What was your favourite book that you read in August? 

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~


5 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up! || 2018

  1. It’s nice that you have come to the realization that you can DNF a book and thats ok! This is a lesson I struggle with, BUT I think I’ve DNF 2 or 3 books this year, which is a HUGE step for me lol Before this year I could count on one hand how many books I’ve DNFed over the course of my life.

    Happy to see you enjoyed The Cruel Prince and Dragonfly in Amber! Are you working on the summaries of everything that happens in the Outlander books to share with me since I’ve forgotten everything since 2009? I expect a full report 🙂

    “I’m starting a new job in the publishing field..” WHAT?!?!?!? Spill the details sister! How exciting!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know!! I’m so proud I DNF’d! It’s literally such a hard thing to do 😅 haha and I think I can still much count my lifetime worth of DNF’s 😂

      Yess!! They were amazing! And omg that slipped my mind I must get onto it ASAP! *sharpens pencil*

      Eeeep I’m so excited about it!! It’s a job I’ve been waiting for for literally over a year at this point – constant back and forth of emails! And now I’m going to be trained up as an e-book publishing consultant so I’m super stoked!


  2. I always love your wrap ups and wish I had the time to put into mine what you put into yours! The Cruel Prince is in my “I want to get to this soon” stack as I don’t really make TBRs because I don’t like pressure, so hopefully I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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