Cover Buying 2.0 | Top Ten Tuesday

We all have our things that we go a little extra on, don’t we? Well, there’s cover buying and then there’s this. I love to choose books because the cover design is stunning – it’s the worst reason supposedly to choose a book but it rarely does me wrong. But I will often spend an extra penny just to get the edition of a book I really want; to get that version of the cover that looks prettiest.

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Book Set in France | Top Ten Tuesday

Did you know, 131 years ago today the Eiffel Tower was opened to the public at the World Fair for the first time?! What an exciting anniversary this is. Is the Eiffel Tower something you want to see? Or something you’ve already visited?! I will never forget seeing it for the first time and being utterly confronted by how positively enormous the damn thing is.

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January & February Wrap-Up! | 2020

I have been so conflicted because I forgot to do my January wrap-up (honestly, I’m still laughing at myself for something missing that). But I decided (as you can see) to do a combined wrap-up! And before you freak out, it’s fine, this won’t be unbelievably long. February was a reading FLOP. Floppier than Peter Rabbit’s ears. Continue reading