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Hark! Is that the sound of warmer weather FINALLY coming our way? I sure hope so. Being down under means that whilst the Americans pluck their pumpkins and festoon the hallways with crunchy leaves, us Australians are stocking up on sunscreen looking forward to a hot, hot, hot Christmas.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this week’s prompt is:

Books on My Fall Spring TBR

So naturally, this means I will be making my Spring TBR, not Fall. This is a list of books I’m very hopeful that I get to before December arrives but goodness knows what will happen! This is half a realistic TBR and half a challenge. I’ve been very bogged down in ARCs recently and I’m finding it increasingly hard to get to my back-listed books – which is understandably frustrating! So I’m hoping I can find a way to carve some time out for the books on the second half of this list.

1. The Ventriloquists
by E.R. Ramzipoor


This is a review copy so I really ought to get to this one. It’s quite high up my TBR but I’ve just not quite battled through to it since receiving it in the mail, yet. However! I’m very excited to read this as it’s historical fiction set in Belgium during WWII – right up my alley!

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2. The Warehouse
by Rob Hart

31199020. sy475

Another review copy that I am super excited to read is The Warehouse. This one is a dystopian that sounds like a wicked read – I’m hoping to have a clear weekend where I can lock myself away with this and read it in one go. I just love the concept of an all powerful company in poverty-stricken times promising the best of the best – and then a brave MC who’s unwittingly thrown into the midst of this corruption and begins uncovering secrets.

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3. Soul of the Sword
by Julie Kagawa

23766634. sy475

As soon as I’ve cleared a few of those review copies out the way I intend to speed my way through this one. This is the sequel to Shadow of the Fox and I’ve been so excited to read it – I’ve just not had the chance yet!

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4. Pan’s Labyrinth
by Cornelia Funke & Guillermo del Toro


Okay, but back to ARCs. This is one that was sent to me a little while ago now and I’ve been once again battling to get around to it. I am so keen to read the book adaptation of this Spanish film because I have a hunch I’m really going to like it in this format. PLUS, Cornelia Funke co-authored this so BRING. IT. ON.

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5. Predator’s Gold
by Philip Reeve


This is the sequel to Mortal Engines which I really enjoyed! I’ve got this lined up as my next audiobook to read so I will definitely be getting around to this one. I only hope that the series continues on as strongly as it started!

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6. The Fry Chronicles
by Stephen Fry

1162543. sy475

This is another audiobook and therefore another guaranteed read. I’ll be listening to this one once I finish Predator’s Gold. It’s the second (chronologically) of Stephen Fry’s memoirs and I can’t wait! I’m such a fan of memoirs lately and whilst I read the first one, Moab is My Washpot, I do love Fry’s narration so I’m hoping the audiobook is superior!

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7. Firstlife
by Gena Showalter


Moving on to a book that is part of my reading goals for this year, we have Firstlife. This is one of the few Christmas (2018) books I have left to read. It’s been a goal of mine this year to work through presents given to me as I’m usually really bad at prioritising these books. And I’ve been doing a really good job! This one was from my sister and I don’t think it will take long to read.

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8. The Three Musketeers
by Alexander Dumas


Now, this is a challenge I set for myself. My dad actually gave this to me many years ago and I’ve always been intimidated by its size. But I’d be super impressed with myself if I took the plunge and read this in the next three months! I’m not confident at all that I will, but it would be progress towards one of my other reading goals which is to read bigggg books.

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9. The Elegance of the Hedgehog
by Muriel Barbery


Another long-term resident on my TBR, this was given to me by my mum and I couldn’t really tell you exactly why I haven’t picked this up. This is a classic victim of me not getting around to books I’ve been given – and I really want to fix that! Especially as this isn’t particularly long.

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10. Soulmates
by Holly Bourne


This is actually another present from my dad that’s been stuck on my TBR for such a long time. I’ve been thinking about this one more and more lately so I think there’s a good chance I could get around to this. It’s actually a decently sized book at nearly 550 pages but I’m eager to read it!

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That’s a wrap!

What’s on your TBR this Spring/Fall?

Happy reading!

~~ Kirstie ~~


15 thoughts on “Books on My Spring TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

    1. That’s good to hear about The Three Musketeers!! I’ve heard quite a number of on the fence things about several of Barbery’s books which has me concerned. But for some reason I’m just so determined to read them!

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  1. I read Moab is my Washpot years ago and loved it! Youโ€™re so right, Stephen Fry has the perfect audiobook voice โ€“ I have all the Harry Potterโ€™s and his Mythology books on my old audible account ๐Ÿ˜ Iโ€™m really intrigued by Panโ€™s Labryinth actually, and might give that a go!

    This weekโ€™s Top Ten Tuesday was the first Iโ€™ve ever done, so hereโ€™s my TBR if youโ€™d like a read! ๐Ÿ™‚

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