Books I LOVED but Never Reviewed | Top Ten Tuesday

I used to have such a fierce rule where I would review everything I read after I finished reading it. I wouldn't move on to the next book until that review was DONE. I don't know how I did it and I don't know when that rule slipped. I miss that amazing self-discipline I demonstrated! … Continue reading Books I LOVED but Never Reviewed | Top Ten Tuesday

April Wrap-Up | 2020

Oh, wow, I had a great reading month in April. I cannot believe how well that wentβ€”finally! I'm so happy with my reading month and for the most part I read some fantastic books! April feels like I've got things BACK ON TRACK, but truth be told I actually had a lot of downtime thanks … Continue reading April Wrap-Up | 2020

Books to Buy This Month | April 2020

Seeing as we have little else to do in April as the whole world shuts down for quarantine, it's excellent time to get onto some of these new releases! I am personally quite excited for the all the reading time I'm going to have! FANTASY Incendiary | Zoraida CΓ³rdova RELEASE DATE: 28 April This is … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month | April 2020

Book Set in France | Top Ten Tuesday

Did you know, 131 years ago today the Eiffel Tower was opened to the public at the World Fair for the first time?! What an exciting anniversary this is. Is the Eiffel Tower something you want to see? Or something you've already visited?! I will never forget seeing it for the first time and being … Continue reading Book Set in France | Top Ten Tuesday

2020 Reading Goals

The Goodreads reading challenge is up and live and so begins a new year of reading goals! I love setting myself challenges and goals for reading even though to many this is maybe a stressful thought. But I find I thrive off the challenge! In 2019, I read 54 books. It was a good year … Continue reading 2020 Reading Goals

November Wrap-Up! | 2019

Oh boy, I had such a great feeling going into November - I was HYPED for reading. So naturally I ended stuck in one particular book for tHrEe weeks and that ruined all my magnificent reading plans. If that isn't a metaphor for life then I don't know what is. That aside, the four books … Continue reading November Wrap-Up! | 2019

Books to Buy This Month! | December 2019

December is an incredibly dry month this year for releases. I have scoured the internet, thinking I must just be missing something. But as far as I can see, there are only a handful of new releases (and there aren't that many sequels either, though I will mostly be talking about firsts or standalones). So … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month! | December 2019

September & October Book Haul! | 2019

I have decided to combine the last two months in one book haul - not because I forgot but because September was rather a poor effort for book hauling. So instead of boring us all with a paltry 3-book haul, I've lumped September in with my much healthier book hoarding habits from October. This exact … Continue reading September & October Book Haul! | 2019

Books to Buy This Month! | November 2019

It's that time again! Time to pray that our wallets can withstand all the new and amazing releases coming out this month. October has exhausted me: there are so many books from last month that I want and several that I bought, that I'm nervous to dive into this post. But I'm sure I will … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month! | November 2019

September Wrap-Up! | 2019

Well, September was a lot more successful than August for reading. I managed to squeeze in five books last month and most were awesome! I've also been carving out more time for blogging which has been wonderful. As I mentioned in my previous wrap-up, I do have exciting news to tell you but alas, it … Continue reading September Wrap-Up! | 2019