Books to Buy This Month! | November 2019

It’s that time again! Time to pray that our wallets can withstand all the new and amazing releases coming out this month. October has exhausted me: there are so many books from last month that I want and several that I bought, that I’m nervous to dive into this post. But I’m sure I will come out of it stronger and armed with more books than ever. Continue reading

September Wrap-Up! | 2019

Well, September was a lot more successful than August for reading. I managed to squeeze in five books last month and most were awesome! I’ve also been carving out more time for blogging which has been wonderful. As I mentioned in my previous wrap-up, I do have exciting news to tell you but alas, it will need to wait until at least next month.

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A Spooky TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

Living in Australia, I don’t really celebrate Halloween. It’s just not a thing in our neck of the woods. That being said, it doesn’t stop the retail stores wistfully stocking their shelves with spooky products for those few of us who go all out. Personally, I carve a pumpkin and that’s it. I do like carving pumpkins.

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Rubbish Titles | Top Ten Tuesday

Perhaps “rubbish titles” is a bit harsh, but you know what? Us readers need inspiring and GALLANT (can titles be gallant? probably not) titles to make us reach across the void (aka: our TBRs) and pluck a certain book from the sea of books out there. Because dang, if I see a ‘meh’ book title (especially if the cover is cringe) then it’s sinking real fast to the bottom of my TBR.

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