Books I Haven’t Read Because They’re Enormous || Top Ten Tuesday

We all have those books, don’t we? The enormous page-counters that are absolutely the cause of the bowing shelves of our bookcases. The ones that have been there for years because who even has time to dedicate to that many pages in one book?! Well, let me tell you about some of those lurking tomes of mine today.

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The Unread Books of My Favourite Authors || Top Ten Tuesday

Hey guys!! Hope you’re all well. I’ve had such a busy week last week and I think I’ll be short of time this week too!! I’m impressed I managed to squeeze this Top Ten Tuesday post in and WHAT a relief I did. As a quick and unnecessary backstory, I’ve started my new publishing job this last week and it’s now my third job that I have. So to say I’m short on time is an understatement. BUT IT’S EXCITING TIMES, LADLES AND JELLYSPOONS! Continue reading

Books to Read this Spring! || Top Ten Tuesday

I am so excited about the promise of Summer! Being in Australia, whilst all you Northern Hemispherers get excited for Autumn, I’m gleefully ditching the doom and gloom of what felt like an ENDLESS and overly chilly winter. I cannot wait for warm weather, the beach, late sunsets and ICE CREAM. Just kidding, I eat ice-cream all year round – I’m not a barbarian. Continue reading

Hidden Gems You Need to Read || Top Ten Tuesday

I’m very excited about today’s topic because I feel like I’ve read a plethora of under-appreciated books and now is my chance to FORCE them upon you – kindly, that is. A gentle smack on the head in the form of a recommendation? ANYWAY. Brace yourself and get your fingers a-clicking on Goodreads and the Book Depository to get yourself reading some of these. Continue reading

Binge-worthy Reads || Top Ten Tuesday

I put some thought and consideration into this week’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday and decided I didn’t want to talk about TV shows – which is what this is supposed to be. TV is good but books are better. By a lot a lot. So *stomps foot*, go away ye TV shows and leave us bookworms here to riffle some pages. Continue reading

Getting Out of a Reading Slump || Top Ten Tuesday

The dreaded slump. The horrible slump. The unctuous, execrable READING SLUMP. This is something that’s been on my mind all year because I feel like I had so many years of power reading, chomping through many books I loved and hitting my Goodreads reading challenge with ease. And then this year . . . last year . . . mmm, not so much. I’m blaming the slump.

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