6 Mystery Novels You Should Read

I never consider myself much of a mystery reader, but some of my favourite books fall under that category! So I thought it was worthwhile today to reflect on some of my favourites that range from thoroughly flummoxing me to having me in stitches with a sassy narrator. Have you read any of them? Everyone … Continue reading 6 Mystery Novels You Should Read

4 Underrated Fantasy Books

There's so much fantasy out there that gets lost in the endless volumes of its peers, so I thought it would be fun today to look at 4 fantasy books that I personally think are underrated. And all of which you'd thoroughly enjoy reading, of course. Grave Mercy I'm opening up with the most popular … Continue reading 4 Underrated Fantasy Books

5 Books to Get You Through a Break-Up

Break-ups are the worst, and several years ago I experience one myself and it sucked. But thankfully books made it less sucky. Today I want to share with you a list of books that dulled the pain of it for me, in case they help you! Now I am by no means a professional in … Continue reading 5 Books to Get You Through a Break-Up

6 Queer Books on My TBR I Can’t WAIT to Read

If there's something I love more than romance in fiction, it's queer romance. Many of my favourite couples fall into the queer category so there's got to be something to that! And I'm forever excited about eventually getting around to these books on my TBR, so I thought we could take a look at six … Continue reading 6 Queer Books on My TBR I Can’t WAIT to Read

New Releases! | March 2022

March is such an exciting month for releases this year – I was just jumping up and down with excitement as I looked through all the books coming out this month. It is the month of CONTEMPORARIES. I swear, there are so many great contemporary stories about to hit our shelves, so get yourselves ready. … Continue reading New Releases! | March 2022

7 Mystery Books to Keep You Up at Night

Are you a lover of the spook? Look, personally I'm not, but I do love a good mystery. It's a genre I don't talk about much and often forget I love, but when I read it, good times abound. So today we're going to look at my top 7 recommendations of mystery books I've read … Continue reading 7 Mystery Books to Keep You Up at Night

4 Books with Dragons on My TBR

πŸ‰ Don't you just love dragons? I sure do, and I don't read enough books with them in it. I have quite the few on my TBR that have this magnificent beasts in them, however, so let's take a look. His Majesty's Dragon I have been meaning to read this for far too long. Do … Continue reading 4 Books with Dragons on My TBR

3 Books About Women Who Don’t Need No Man

We all love those characters, right? And being Valentine's Day, what better a day to celebrate our fav fems who really don't need a man. Or any partner actually. Most books have some romance in them so I've decided not to do a romance post for today because whilst I have my favourite couples, these … Continue reading 3 Books About Women Who Don’t Need No Man

January Wrap-Up! | 2022

We did it! We already ticked off the first month of the year, how crazy is that. January was a good reading month for me and I had a lot of fun with the books I got to. It was also a TBR-free month that rapidly devolved into a catching-up-on-review-copies month! Let's see what I … Continue reading January Wrap-Up! | 2022

Saving the Seas in Future Sea | Book Review

【 FUTURE SEA 】 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… An incredibly enlightening and captivating piece of non-fiction to open your eyes. Genre: Non-fictionAuthor: Deborah Rowan WrightPublished: October 2020Publisher: University of Chicago PressPages: 200 (hardback) I loved every second in this book, which feels like a huge achievement for non-fiction for someone who is predominantly a fiction reader. I've been … Continue reading Saving the Seas in Future Sea | Book Review