Books with Wintery Vibes | Top Ten Tuesday

It is OFFICIALLY winter in Australia and brrrr the cold weather is here. Dark mornings and freezing steering wheels are the best things before work, right?? Now more than ever, I really just want a whole MONTH to sit and read books in front of a fire. That would be so nice! Top Ten Tuesday … Continue reading Books with Wintery Vibes | Top Ten Tuesday

Books to Buy This Month | April 2020

Seeing as we have little else to do in April as the whole world shuts down for quarantine, it's excellent time to get onto some of these new releases! I am personally quite excited for the all the reading time I'm going to have! FANTASY Incendiary | Zoraida Cรณrdova RELEASE DATE: 28 April This is … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month | April 2020

Book Set in France | Top Ten Tuesday

Did you know, 131 years ago today the Eiffel Tower was opened to the public at the World Fair for the first time?! What an exciting anniversary this is. Is the Eiffel Tower something you want to see? Or something you've already visited?! I will never forget seeing it for the first time and being … Continue reading Book Set in France | Top Ten Tuesday

January & February Wrap-Up! | 2020

I have been so conflicted because I forgot to do my January wrap-up (honestly, I'm still laughing at myself for something missing that). But I decided (as you can see) to do a combined wrap-up! And before you freak out, it's fine, this won't be unbelievably long. February was a reading FLOP. Floppier than Peter … Continue reading January & February Wrap-Up! | 2020

January & February Book Haul! | 2020

Hello, everyone! I can't believe we're over a week into March already, the days are flying by. I was really good with my self-control in February. I think after the intimidating onslaught of books from Dec/Jan, I found the will to say NO to buying anything new (well, to fewer books, I guess). However, I … Continue reading January & February Book Haul! | 2020

Untruth in Verity | Spoiler-Free Review

Verity by Colleen Hoover Genre: Romance, Thriller Author: Colleen Hoover Published: December 2018 Publisher: Independent Pages: 314 {paperback} Review on Goodreads Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing I don't think I will ever finish processing this book. HOLY GOD. This was an unbelievably brilliant work of fiction, enough to rival And Then There Were None. One of … Continue reading Untruth in Verity | Spoiler-Free Review

Books to Buy This Month! | March 2020

It's March! Already!! How?! But I'm not that upset because that means there are NEW books coming into our life. In fact, there's a release coming out this month that all of us have been so impatiently waiting for - and March is usually an awesome month for releases anyway! Seriously, though, I'm really excited … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month! | March 2020