Books I Missed Out On | Top Ten Tuesday

When I was younger I used to hate reading. You couldn't make me do it. It was a continuous nightmare for my mother trying to get me to read those tiny prescribed readings that you do in lower primary school. NIGHTMARE. WORDS. EW. And that didn't really change until high school. Shocking, I know. Top … Continue reading Books I Missed Out On | Top Ten Tuesday

Book Set in France | Top Ten Tuesday

Did you know, 131 years ago today the Eiffel Tower was opened to the public at the World Fair for the first time?! What an exciting anniversary this is. Is the Eiffel Tower something you want to see? Or something you've already visited?! I will never forget seeing it for the first time and being … Continue reading Book Set in France | Top Ten Tuesday

8 Things I’ve Learnt Blogging | Top Ten Tuesday

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful time welcoming in Fall if you live in the northern hemisphere, and I hope you're not melting if you're down in the southern parts of the world with me! Today we're going to look at something different to the usual: things I've learnt blogging. Top Ten Tuesday … Continue reading 8 Things I’ve Learnt Blogging | Top Ten Tuesday

Autumnal Books | Top Ten Tuesday

It's not Autumn where I am, no. I live in Australia and we're dusting off the chocolate wrappers from our brief dalliance (mostly with the sweets) from Halloween down here, and decking the halls with festive kangaroos and shrimps on barbie: Christmas is coming. So naturally, I'm going to talk about Autumn and the books … Continue reading Autumnal Books | Top Ten Tuesday

Rubbish Titles | Top Ten Tuesday

Perhaps "rubbish titles" is a bit harsh, but you know what? Us readers need inspiring and GALLANT (can titles be gallant? probably not) titles to make us reach across the void (aka: our TBRs) and pluck a certain book from the sea of books out there. Because dang, if I see a 'meh' book title … Continue reading Rubbish Titles | Top Ten Tuesday