October Hopefuls | 2022

I've been getting increasingly excited as the spooky season has rolled closer, and it's had me looking at all my darker reads on my TBR (naturally). There are quite a few so whittling this list of hopefuls down to a reasonable number was a challenge and a half. I did a reasonably good job with … Continue reading October Hopefuls | 2022

13 Sequels I Can’t Wait to Read

Each year, I add sequels to books I've read to a shelf I've created on Goodreads called 'sequels to buy'. Then, as a fun Christmas treat, I do one big, exciting haul at the end of the year and order in all the sequels I've flagged to buy. Cannot recommend this enough as an exciting … Continue reading 13 Sequels I Can’t Wait to Read

Winter TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

We're looking at Winter TBRs today! Which has inspired me to take a look at what I'm planning on reading for the rest of the year especially with the BLM movement in full force right now. I've added many more books to my TBR so I want to make this a list of all the … Continue reading Winter TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

A Spooky TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

Living in Australia, I don't really celebrate Halloween. It's just not a thing in our neck of the woods. That being said, it doesn't stop the retail stores wistfully stocking their shelves with spooky products for those few of us who go all out. Personally, I carve a pumpkin and that's it. I do like … Continue reading A Spooky TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

Book Haul! | August 2019

Wowww it's nearly October but finally I've polished and readied my August book haul. HAH. Such organisation, it blows my mind. Anyway! I have some exciting books to show you in this haul today - I cannot WAIT to get around to read each and every one of these. Genuinely, though, whilst this isn't the … Continue reading Book Haul! | August 2019

Books on My Spring TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

Hark! Is that the sound of warmer weather FINALLY coming our way? I sure hope so. Being down under means that whilst the Americans pluck their pumpkins and festoon the hallways with crunchy leaves, us Australians are stocking up on sunscreen looking forward to a hot, hot, hot Christmas. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly … Continue reading Books on My Spring TBR | Top Ten Tuesday

Reading Procrastination | Top Ten Tuesday

Howdy, fellow bookworms. I hope you're well because today we have a fun task ahead of ourselves. I'm very pleased with myself for getting a Top Ten Tuesday post out because that makes my week feel organised. Nothing like having a win lined up for a Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted … Continue reading Reading Procrastination | Top Ten Tuesday

ShelfLove Crate Readathon TBR

Hey guys, it's read-a-thon time! I've decided on the whim that I want to participate in the ShelfLove Crate read-a-thon which is happening from the 13th May - 27th May. I have ulterior motives for doing so as well. You see, it's my birthday on the 27th and I'm going to use this read-a-thon as … Continue reading ShelfLove Crate Readathon TBR

Books on the Bottom of My TBR || Top Ten Tuesday

Howdy, friends! I hope you all had a good Halloween and didn't go too overkill on candy (just kidding, is it even Halloween if you don't gorge yourself on chocolate?!?!) It's nearly one week into November and I've only just realised that October has finished and I probably should've started on my wrap-up - OOPS. … Continue reading Books on the Bottom of My TBR || Top Ten Tuesday

Books to Read this Spring! || Top Ten Tuesday

I am so excited about the promise of Summer! Being in Australia, whilst all you Northern Hemispherers get excited for Autumn, I'm gleefully ditching the doom and gloom of what felt like an ENDLESS and overly chilly winter. I cannot wait for warm weather, the beach, late sunsets and ICE CREAM. Just kidding, I eat … Continue reading Books to Read this Spring! || Top Ten Tuesday