Alphabethon Round Four: TBR

You betcha, it’s back! Round four of the Alphabethon has finally arrived! Well, nearly. I should say its announcement has arrived. Ahem. Welcome, welcome, let me tell you about this magnificent read-a-thon happening in the third week of October.

The Alphabethon is a read-a-thon created by Michelle @ Bookaholic Banter. It’s dedicated to the alphabet and therefore each round focuses on a different letter. Round one was A and we’re up to round 4, so now it’s D. What does that mean? The aim of this read-a-thon is to create and read a TBR of books whose titles start with the letter we’re up to.

There are also several reading challenges that go with it which is splendid. Who doesn’t love a reading challenge? I will list those at the bottom of this post. The read-a-thon will be happening from the 23rd – 29th October and, excitingly, I am now a permanent co-host of it! So for those of you who participated last time, you can get excited for me to shout at you to GET READING in about a month’s time. Jolly good.

I’ve made quite the reasonable TBR this time. I know, shocking. It’s only four books – I could hardly believe it when I told myself that was all I’d selected. I think I might even be able to actually achieve it. I will also be vlogging the entire experience as I did last time on my channel so make sure you’re subscribed to that in order to be notified about my daily shenanigans. I’m quite hilarious so it’s worth watching (it’s also 50% of me reading and 50% of me making tea, so you know).

ALSO. Michelle is doing a competition giveaway for this read-a-thon. Hop along to her announcement page to grab the details, but basically there’s a $25 Amazon gift voucher up for grabs if you take a picture of your TBR and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AlphabethonTBR.

Finally, to keep up to date and be on the ball, make sure you follow @Alphabethon on Twitter. That way you’ll know what’s happening, be able to join in with sprints and have extra fun! I will leave a list at the bottom of this page of the handles for all the hosts for the read-a-thon if you wish to follow them as well for even more fun.

To the books!

Like I said, there are four books in this TBR and they are as follows.

Dragon Champion
by E. E. Knight

384 pages

I’m super duper excited to be reading this. This is a prime example of why I love read-a-thons with reading challenges, they get me reading books that are waaay down my TBR. This book I bought on a bit of a whim some years ago simply because it’s a book about dragons from a dragon’s perspective. I think someone also recommend it to me but mostly DRAGONS.

Doctor Who: The Three Doctors
by Terrance Dicks

162 pages

I have to say, I’m quite excited to read this one, too. I had no idea what year I might eventually get around to this little spontaneous buy. I’m not even sure 100% what story line it’s going to follow. But it’s about Doctor Who and I’m always down for some Doctor Who. Plus it’s a nice small book which is always great for read-a-thons!

The Darkest Part of the Forest
by Holly Black

324 pages

Yes! The time has finally come for me to pick up this book *angels sing in the background*. I’ve been eyeing this book off for approximately 82 years, anticipating that maybe soon I’ll have space for it in my monthly regime. I’m hoping this lives up to its creepy vibe and is as good as everyone says!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone
by Laini Taylor

420 pages

*gasp* This is a book I thought I’d never get around to. I promised someone I’d read this soon so this read-a-thon seemed like it was destined. 2017 is the year I am FINALLY picking up one of Laini Taylor’s books. You can practically hear me quivering in my boots with excitement. If I don’t love this book I will be so disappointed that I will strop for approximately one week.

Reading Challenges

There are seven reading challenges for this read-a-thon. They are non-obligatory but at a bit of fun! I’ve managed to tick off most despite only having four books *self hi-five*.

1. Read a book with two ‘D’s

This means to read a book with both the title and the author starting with a ‘D’. For this challenge I’ve chosen The Three Doctors by Terrance Dicks.

2. Read a book with a main character whose name starts with ‘D’.

This one is fairly self explanatory (doesn’t matter if it’s first or last name of the character). I have chosen The Three Doctors with the character being The Doctor.

3. Read a book with a ‘D’ setting.

This one means that as long as your book is set somewhere starting with ‘D’ (e.g. Denmark) you’ll complete the challenge! This challenge I am unable to complete.

4. Read a book with something starting with ‘D’ on the cover

This one is easy but bear in mind that words containing the letter ‘D’ on the cover do not count. For this one I have Dragon Champion as it has a dragon on the front.

5. Read a book with a page count over 400 pages

For this one I have chosen Daughter of Smoke and Bone at 420 pages long

6. Read a book with a page count under 200 pages

For this one I have chosen The Three Doctors at 162 pages long

7. Read a horror book

Whilst not related to the alphabet, this is added fun to get you in the mood for Halloween. I will give you a solid pat on the back, however, if you read a horror book with a ‘D’ villain. But not Dracula, that’s too easy. I won’t be completing this challenge.


Michelle @banterbooks

Kayte @KayteSays

Kristi @Kris_Marie7

Addie @adelinereads_

Riley @thesmolprincess

Kirstie @ozbooksnail

Jordan @callmesensei14 

Cody @thebookworminme

Amy @bookwormgirls88

Are you participating?

Let me know below if you’re participating in this read-a-thon! I’d love to know what your TBR is and how many of the reading challenges you’re trying to complete!

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~


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