Alphabethon Round Four Wrap-Up!

This is crazy late but I honestly haven’t done much since the Alphabethon finished so there’s that. If you don’t know what this read-a-thon is then head along to my announcement post and read all about it. It’s such a fun read-a-thon so make sure you join in next time!

I had a spectacular week of reading. This read-a-thon is definitely one of my favourites at the moment and that’s great news seeing as I’m a co-host for it *harhar*. Being round four meant that we were up to the letter “D” in the alphabet and after the excruciating difficulty of whittling down a TBR I finally had four books (that later became five) ready to go and BY GEORGE, I did a lot of reading.

The read-a-thon has reading challenges to go with it and I didn’t complete all of them but managed to cross out quite a few. I also vlogged the entire week so if you want to really see what I got up to and enjoy watching various montages of me making tea, go check out this playlist. My wrap-up is also on that playlist in its BookTube format.

What I Read

Doctor Who: The Three Doctors || 
On the first day of the read-a-thon I had a splendid day and the read the entirety of my first book, Doctor Who: The Three Doctors (Terrance Dicks). This was a short book that ticked off the challenge to read a book under 200 pages (it’s 162). I found it really enjoyable and have done a full review on it for you to read as well. Despite not being familiar with the three Doctors that it centres around, the classic happy-go-lucky attitude of the Doctor still rung true. || REVIEW

The Darkest Part of the Forest ||
I then moved on to my second book, The Darkest Part of the Forest (Holly Black). This was so enjoyable, I was blown away by how much I loved it. I’m such a sucker for anything fae (I live on a diet of Aprilynne Pike, Julie Kagawa and Melissa Marr, I swear) and this ticked all the right boxes for me. I know that there are so many people out there who love Black so I was really excited to finally read this. I flew through it and had it done within two days. However, I’ve slacked off a little with reviews (and reading) at the moment so the review is to come!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone ||
My reading then stuttered and slowed at this point and from the Thursday through to the Saturday not a lot was accomplished. On Sunday however, I impressed the reading gods but finishing off a million books. Okay, two – but whatever. The next book was Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Laini Taylor) and was another book that had been on my shelf for quite some time and was really enjoyable. I read most of the book on the Sunday and sailed right through it – it’s so different from anything I’ve ever read. But the ending was a little off-pace and knocked off half a star for me. I will hopefully have a review for this soon!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ||
During the week I also made my way through the audiobook version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (J.K. Rowling). Yes, technically this starts with “H” but I’m bending the rules and counting this as a “D” because Deathly Hallows. Fight me if you like, but I will only pelt jelly beans at you and say you’re wrong. This was obviously fantastic (AND SAD) and I can’t believe I’ve finished re-reading the series now – how did that happen?  I actually finished the day after the read-a-thon ended, but I thought I’d let you know my final thoughts. Again, no review yet.

What I Didn’t Manage to Read

Dragon Chapmion
There was only one book I didn’t get finished (technically two with the Deathly Hallows but shush for now, you). That book was Dragon Champion (E.E. Knight). I still haven’t finished this one, it’s a really struggle. I managed to read the first 40% of it or so relatively quickly, and all in the final evening, but I just can’t find that mojo again and so I’ve set it aside for now in the hopes that I will get around to finishing it soon after I’ve taken a break. I can’t believe that this was the only book that I didn’t get around to though!


Number of books read: 3
Number of pages read: 1,352
Number of partially-completed books by end of week: 2
Number of cups of tea drunk: at least 382

The Reading Challenges

Read a book with two ‘D’s
[Doctor Who: The Three Doctors, Terrance Dicks]

Read a book with a main character whose name starts with ‘D’
[Doctor Who: The Three Doctors, The Doctor]

Read a book with a ‘D’ setting

Read a book with something starting with ‘D’ on the cover
[Dragon Champion, a dragon]

Read a book with a page count over 400 pages
[Daughter of Smoke and Bone, 418 pages]

Read a book with a page count under 200 pages
[Doctor Who: The Three Doctors, 162 pages]

Read a horror book

Who’s Ready for Round Five?

I’m so proud of myself – 1,352 pages in a week! Somebody give me a medal. As of yet, I do not know when the next round will be happening but keep your eyes peeled and your ears waggling because I’m sure it will be coming around soon enough.

Did you participate in the Alphabethon round four? How did you do!?

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~




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