Alphabethon Round Four: TBR

You betcha, it's back! Round four of the Alphabethon has finally arrived! Well, nearly. I should say its¬†announcement has arrived. Ahem. Welcome, welcome, let me tell you about this magnificent read-a-thon happening in the third week of October. The Alphabethon is a read-a-thon created by Michelle @ Bookaholic Banter. It's dedicated to the alphabet and … Continue reading Alphabethon Round Four: TBR

October Wrap-Up! || 2016

I'm slightly terrified by the fact that it's already November but I'm also extremely excited because that means this time next month it'll be entirely socially acceptable to be singing Christmas carols. I also had a great month because I hardly bought any books (actually, I bought none) so clearly October was a success. Although, … Continue reading October Wrap-Up! || 2016