October TBR || 2017

Yay – it’s October! Which means I have the exciting job of deciding which books I want to get to this month. Now, in September I set myself a fairly ambitious goal and miserably failed. I decided to challenge myself in a month-long reading task I’d created called “Series September”. If you want to read about what books I actually got to off that list you can check out my Wrap-Up post which will be up in the next few days (and if you missed that TBR you can see it HERE). Continue reading

October Wrap-Up! || 2016

I’m slightly terrified by the fact that it’s already November but I’m also extremely excited because that means this time next month it’ll be entirely socially acceptable to be singing Christmas carols. I also had a great month because I hardly bought any books (actually, I bought none) so clearly October was a success. Continue reading

October Book Haul! || 2016

I have been so good this month. Somebody please give me a pat on the back. Be prepared to see how small the non-e-book part of this haul is. I’ve literally never bought so few books in my life. You may worship me now. There have been a few books given away (e-books) on various websites, so the biggest part of this haul will be there – because self control is not a thing when it comes to free books. Don’t deny it. Continue reading