Monthly Wrap-Up | July 2021

Hi everyone I hope you’re doing well! My July wrap-up is a little late because I was late to filming it, life has been busy! Uni is in full swing as I gear up towards my final semester of my Masters degree – I can’t wait to be done! And on top of that I’m working part time in a job that I love and will continue to work at full time once I graduate! And yet despite all that, I’ve still found time for myself to enjoy some fantastic reads. So sit back, relax and enjoy the video below to catch up on what I’ve been reading.

Books mentioned: The Ones We’re Meant to Find, The Other Side of Beautiful (review copy from Harlequin), Underground (review copy from Allen & Unwin), Fireheart Tiger, The Dollmaker of Krakow, Painter to the King, The Good Wife of Bath (review copy from Harlequin)

If you missed it in the video, I’m partaking in a new challenge from now on, and that is my #300TBR challenge. I have over 300 physical books on my shelves at home that are not read. So this challenge is to inspire me to prioritise more of those unread books and get my TBR down to 300. This means a book-buying ban! So the goal is to not buy any books until my TBR is at 300, which will approximately take me one to two years (so totally isn’t going to happen). But I’m excited to see how far I get with this challenge!

I will be tracking the above challenge on my instagram so head over there and follow me to keep up to date on that. There are some rules in place if I break the ban and a highlight that you can access to check my progress so far. I’m really excited by this but note that this will mean fewer hauls (e.g. no haul this month as fewer books mean I’ll do a combined haul for July and August).

If you’re confused as to where I’m still getting books from, I get sent review copies from publishers and I count both those and audiobooks separately (as well as any gifts from friends/family as birthdays/Christmases) so there will still be new books that way!

That’s all from me for now! Let me know what books you enjoyed in July!

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