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// I am currently on hiatus from this until I finish my university studies, plans to resume in 2022 //

Past to Paper is a monthly feature on Upside-Down Books run by a young, Australian history buff. History can be an intimidating topic for many and knowledge of the past is severely limited for the majority. This features aims to make history fun, spark interest, and increase awareness of the past and how it could be brought to paper in an enjoyable way other than the sometimes unapproachable genre of Historical Fiction. It’s time to learn.

Welcome to the home page for Past to Paper! This is an original feature started by yours truly. What is it? Well as you read above this feature aims to zero in on different eras of history, discuss them and declare why they should be represented more in literature.

I am a student of history and have a Bachelor’s degrees in Modern History from the University of Western Australia. Bottom line? I love the past! My goal here is to enlighten YOU in things that have happened that you probably didn’t know about (or perhaps not much about). Why? Because it’s a crying shame that people go through so much of their life oblivious to the wonders of our ancestors.

Some months will be broad, some will be specific. I am to build upon the knowledge that we learn each month together and to make sure that the history is approachable by everyone, no matter how much or little you know about that topic!

Historical Fiction is all well and good, but it’s not for everyone. My feature will give you a concise summary of the month’s topic and a run down of what genres I would love to see the setting used in and the unique ways that might be done and also list some suggestions of books that do exist on the topic. The eras that I pick will be the lesser known periods in general knowledge – you probably won’t see a feature on World War One or Two unless it’s a particular niche of the war.

If you ever have further questions on the monthly topic or requests for future ones, PLEASE do get in contact! I promise I won’t bite. Either leave a comment, tweet me, send me a message on Instagram or even e-mail me! Check out my About & Contact page for those details.

Let’s learn to love history again!

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