February Wrap-Up! | 2019

February was an incredibly slow reading month for me so this will be an incredible brief wrap-up. I read a grand total of 3 books last month. I’m also magnificently late in getting this wrap-up posted but, you see, I moved houses. I think this is a good excuse, no?


If anything, it certainly calls for a bookshelf organisational video over on my YouTube channel. Nonetheless, I’m excited to share the books I read with you and have a look at what I got up to in February.


What I Read

Mortal Engines
by Philip Reeve

5 Star Rating System 4 stars


Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Dystopian
Author: Philip Reeve
Published: Scholastic
Publisher: November 2001
Pages: 366 {paperback}

Will I continue the series? YES

This was an unexpectedly great read. I loved the audiobook for it and I whizzed through it. It’s a great tale of adventure, steampunk and awesome machines that eat each other. I can’t recommend dipping into this one enough if you haven’t already.

My review

White Stag
by Kara Barbieri

5 Star Rating System 5 stars


Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Author: Kara Barbieri
Published: January 2019
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Pages: 368 {paperback} 

Will I continue the series? YES

A hidden gem! I was sent this one for review and I’m so glad that I was. This is everything nitty and gritty that we love from Holly Black’s books but with GOBLINS. I’m so excited about this goblin world and how hardcore everything is. It’s a really great read.

My review

P.S. I Still Love You
by Jenny Han

5 Star Rating System 4 stars


Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Author: Jenny Han
Published: May 2015
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 337 {paperback}

Will I continue the series? YES

I had no idea just how much I needed to read this until I picked it up. This is a wonderful continuation of the fluff from the first book. It’s perfect to binge through and as a pick-me-up. The story continues one so well even though I thought we were done!

Review to come

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The Statistics

Genres Read:


Pages Read:

graph (1)

Total: 1,071

Progress Towards Goodreads Challenge:

12%, or, 6/50 books

What About Me_

As I mentioned, I spent a lot of February finding a new place. And now I’m all moved in! Which is pretty exciting (definitely because I get to redo my bookshelves and I take way too much pleasure in doing that). It has eaten away at my time, however, so evidently not much blogging nor reading (or vlogging, for that matter) has managed to get done.


One exciting thing that did happen in February was the number of books I hauled. Oh my gosh, just you wait until I get around to doing my haul. I have a real talent at the moment for accruing a scary number of books. If I could gain some magical reading powers to help me catch up right about now, that would be fantastic.


Usually, I have here the movies I watched during this month. For the life of me, however, I cannot remember if I watched any movies in February. At all. Surely I did? But who knows. Twas a busy month indeed. Which means this is a very brief wrap-up for my personal section. I shall endeavour to be more exciting in my March wrap-up.


Tick! February done!


What was your favourite book that you read in February?

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~


3 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up! | 2019

  1. Congrats on your new place! I can completely relate to the time suck that is moving lol

    I am excited to see you enjoyed the audiobook of Mortal Engines! I’ve been thinking about giving it a go. Have you seen the movie? What did you think?

    I haven’t really heard much about White Stag. That cover! Obviously I need to put it on my radar now 🙂

    Happy reading in April!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It’s so nice to have my own space and I’m so glad the moving is done haha

      I haven’t seen the movie for Mortal Engines yet, I will try to see it soon so I can do a comparison. I think you’ll like the book, though! Would highly recommend listening to the audiobook.

      YES. You must! White Stag is SO much fun, it’s got some serious Holly Black, Julie Kagawa and you name it vibes going for it.

      Liked by 1 person

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