January Book Haul || 2019

Some could say that I’ve completely lost the plot and have gone mad buying great quantities of books. I’m not sure I would disagree. I have another MASSIVE haul to share with you today and I’m really excited about all these books!

You see, I received quite a lot of ARCs (advance reader copies) and then I also went to town in foreign bookstores whilst I was travelling. There are just so many awesome new releases and I cannot help myself. So, let’s have a look at the latest damage to my TBR . . .


The Binding
by Bridget Collins


I discussed this book in my last books to buy this month post and have been really excited about it. But the reason that I picked this one up in the bookstore was not because of that. It was because of how beautiful the naked hardback is. I’ll be showing it off when I do my book haul on YouTube but SERIOUSLY guys, it’s stunning. Have a read of the blurb, it sounds insanely interesting.

Empress of All Seasons
by Emiko Jean


This is another new release that’s been on my radar. Whilst there were many, many books I’d love to get my hands on, only a few of those new releases ever seem to actually make it to physical bookshelves in store. This was one of them and with a cover like that, how could I resist? This is all about a competition to find a new Empress.

Wicked Like a Wildfire
by Lana Popović


This isn’t a new release but it’s also not that old. It’s one of those books I was interested in when it was first released but I didn’t get around to getting a copy of it. So when I saw it in a bookstore, how could I resist? This one is about a family with magic in their blood, they can manipulate the appearance of things. Oh, and there’s a curse involved as well.

The Extinction Trials
by S.M. Wilson


I was so taken with this cover and the fact that it’s dubbed Jurassic Park meets The Hunger Games. Like . . . HELLO?! Of course I’m going to read that. It just sounds so good and the idea of humans having to hardcore survive against monsters is popcorn-worthy.

P.S. I Still Love You
by Jenny Han


I have already read this and loved it. I bought it because it was half-price but I’ve been hesitant about continuing the series. It just didn’t feel like it needed a sequel?? But then I read this and was like yes okay, Jenny Han please continue writing this forever. It’s so enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next movie!

A Curse So Dark and Lonely
by Brigid Kemmerer


I was super excited to grab a copy of this when I first heard of it. A Beauty and the Beast retelling? Yes, please. The funny story with this one is that I bought it whilst travelling but then when I came back home it turned out Bloomsbury had also sent me a copy for review. Welp. Nonetheless, I think this will be a popular read this year.


The Gilded Wolves
by Roshani Chokshi


I was stoked to have been sent a copy of this one for review as well. This is such an anticipated release and lots of people have already been talking about it and how good it is. So I cannot wait to pick it up in the near future and dive in. This is set in Paris and follows a cursed heir a great fortune. #Sold. Thanks, Pan Macmillan for sending me this.

The Age of Light
by Whitney Scharer


Pan Macmillan also sent me this interesting nugget which I had not heard of. It’s set in the 1920s in Paris (again, Paris is the THING this year apparently) and sounds intriguing. This seems to largely follow the life and love story of a woman but also interweaves with the backdrop of war-torn Europe.

Home Fires
by Fiona Lowe


This one was sent to me by Harlequin and I’m actually quite looking forward to diving into it. It’s a huge book but I think it’ll be worth it. I don’t actually read many books set in my own country, Australia so this will be nice (maybe nice is the wrong word, this is a tragedy book) reading about something so close to home – literally and figuratively.


by Stephen Fry


Because I enjoyed Mythos so much I absolutely decided to pick up its follow-up via audiobook as well. This is a whole other book dedicated to more amazing tales from the amazing Stephen Fry. I cannot wait.

That’s a wrap!

Have you read any of these? What did you think!

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~


9 thoughts on “January Book Haul || 2019

  1. Nice haul!!!

    Wicked Like a Wildfire & The Binding have stunning covers!!

    I’m interested in seeing what you think of A Curse So Dark and Lonely! I met the author at a book festival last year and she mentioned that she wanted to dip her toes into fantasy since she had only written contemporary thus far… She was a lovely person, so I hope it turns out well!

    I am about to pick up The Gilded Wolves at the library this week! I cannot wait to see if it lives up to the hype!

    Liked by 1 person

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