March & April Book Haul! | 2021

Hi everyone! I've decided to do my March and April book haul together so here we go. I hadn't thought I'd have that many books to show you, but (as always) I have a good few. New Books Providence | Max Barry I managed to score this one in a competition at my local book … Continue reading March & April Book Haul! | 2021

February Wrap-Up! | 2021

Another month done! February started out so well for me, but then I hit a wall. I read a majority of these books within the first two weeks of the month but I just didn't get into the next book I picked up and ended up getting stuck. I finished the month off by being … Continue reading February Wrap-Up! | 2021

The Reality of History in Homegoing | Book Review

Homegoingby Yaa Gyasi ★★★★★ Genre: Historical FictionAuthor: Yaa GyasiPublished: June 2016Publisher: VikingPages: 305 [paperback] Review on Goodreads Initial Thoughts upon Finishing This was simply amazing. I can't get over how incredible the storytelling was! I was captivated by all the voices within this book and found it delivered its message so well. It was so … Continue reading The Reality of History in Homegoing | Book Review

January Book Haul! | 2021

I actually ended up with a surprising number of new books in January which is delightful, if stressful for my TBR. I did a big pre-order at the end of last year to have something to look forward to throughout the year - meaning I pre-ordered about 10 up-coming releases and naturally a few of … Continue reading January Book Haul! | 2021

December Book Haul! | 2020

I did it, we're here, I've finally got my December book haul up! I've been typing like mad this week to get this stuff done before we get too far into the rest of the year! Not to mention fiddling around with design (as you may have already noticed). This is a WHOPPING big book … Continue reading December Book Haul! | 2020

February Book Releases! | 2021

I have endeavoured to put together this post for you all despite not managing to get it up on February 1st. It wounded my soul ever so slightly to not be able to do this January because I love doing these! There are some amazing books coming out this year so I hope you're as … Continue reading February Book Releases! | 2021

Fuzzy Memories in the Memory of Souls

The Memory of Souls by Jenn Lyons Genre: Fantasy Author: Jenn Lyons Published: August 2020 Publisher: Tor Books Pages: 656 [paperback] Review on Goodreads Big thank you to Pan Macmillan for providing me a copy for review! Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing These stories are just so epic! It took me a little while to get … Continue reading Fuzzy Memories in the Memory of Souls

Isolation in Chasing the Shadows | Book Review

Chasing the Shadows by Maria V. Snyder Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi Author: Maria V Snyder Published: November 2019 Publisher: HarperCollins Pages: 439 [paperback] Review on Goodreads Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing This was a fun sequel! I always enjoy a book by Snyder and I think the plot for this series is great. This definitely reads … Continue reading Isolation in Chasing the Shadows | Book Review

New Book Releases! | November 2020

Hello everyone! I renamed my usual monthly feature from Books to Buy This Month, just in case anyone was confused about that!! Nothing else is different though. These are still all the books *I* am looking forward to this month (not a complete list) - and books I hope you'll be excited about too! I … Continue reading New Book Releases! | November 2020

GIVEAWAY | 5 Year Anniversary

**giveaway now closed** Congratulations to Jet who was the lucky winner! Thank you everyone for entering! Hey guys! It's my blog's 5 year anniversary on 30 October 2020 and I wanted to celebrate with a little giveaway. Thank you all so much for being here - especially if you've been here since the beginning! I … Continue reading GIVEAWAY | 5 Year Anniversary