How to Not Freak Out in the Second Half of the Year

Hello friends! Oh wow is it good to see you again and be typing *stretches fingers dramatically*. I have MISSED this blogging world. If you’re an avid reader of my blog (and obviously you are because #humble) then you might’ve noticed I sneakily snuck a review up on my blog (*distant gasping*) because REJOICE. Kirstie has returned.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Seventeen and Twenty

Welcome, welcome! It’s time for another glorious TTT post on another glorious (well I hope so) Tuesday. This week’s topic is a good one – basically I’ll be looking at some new releases for 2017. I can’t wait to see them all when they’re realised becauseย I’ll be in America which means they’ll all be in hardback *squeals*. Americans, count yourself blessed that you have all the hardbacks at your fingertips.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Take Me to the Pictures

Well hello, you. Did you know, I am now a lady of luxury. I have recovered from my exhaustion of having finished uni (FOREVER) and am now getting into the swing of doing absolutelyย nothing. I also just finished series four of Call the Midwife and MY HEART. Which is fitting, because today, I’m not going to talk about books. Well, just a little bit.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Adding to the Problem

Hello! Aren’t we all excited to be back here for another Top Ten Tuesday? Yes? Good answer! In case you were wondering, I’m thoroughly enjoying lazing about having finished uni – it turns out I’m quite good at doing mostly nothing. It also turns out that I’m not so good at keeping up with NaNoWriMo – I’m not horribly behind I’m just . . . having random bursts of writing episodes at about 10pm each night? Oops?

(also apologies, this post is a little late going up today – I suddenly got quite busy and had to work and then the internet went on a holiday, SUCH FUN.)

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Top Ten Tuesday: November TBR

You might be somewhat surprised to see me doing a TBR post – I have a general rule that I don’t make TBRs. HOWEVER, since I have reassessed my situation I’ve decided I need to have a self-inflicted intervention and make a TBR. And you have the absolute pleasure today of seeing the result of this meeting. Grab your tea, ladles and jellyspoons, the fun is about to start.

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Top Ten Tuesday: A Scary TBR

I hope I find youย well and being generally fabulous, because there truly is no other way to be. I’ve got a great topic for you this week, I can’t wait to make the list and confront my fears. It’s going to be like a therapy session, but with myself. I hope you like it because right now I really should be writing those final essays . . . but you know, *awkward laugh*. Ahem: ONWARDS.

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