Untruth in Verity | Spoiler-Free Review

Verity by Colleen Hoover

5 Star Rating System 5 stars

Verity 1

Genre: Romance, Thriller
Author: Colleen Hoover
Published: December 2018
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 314 {paperback}

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Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing

I don’t think I will ever finish processing this book. HOLY GOD. This was an unbelievably brilliant work of fiction, enough to rival And Then There Were None. One of the best thrillers I have read in a long time.


This is a spooky story of an author who becomes heavily disabled after a car crash and the main character of the book is contracted to finish writing her series. It’s going to be a nine-book series and there are three left to write. On the way to the interview, Lowen, the main character, witnesses a horrible accident involving a pedestrian and a truck – only to be helped by the very man who interviews her half an hour later.

In a classic weaving of Hoover-like plot twists, we find these two characters drawn together for the rest of the book. Lowen finds herself accepting a massive paycheque to write the last three books and sequesters herself as this guy’s house: Jeremy. She is there to research and Jeremy is married to Verity who is the author and he has been looking after her since her accident, which is a 24/7 job.

As Lowen gets into the research, she unwittingly uncovers a manuscript written by Verity that explains everything. Given that the family’s twin daughters died mysteriously but tragically quite soon after one another, flickers of doubt are planted in both Lowen and the reader’s minds as we discover more of the harrowing truth in Verity’s manuscript. She keeps promising herself she won’t read anymore, but she just can’t help it and always finds herself reaching back for more.

What I Loved

The tension in this book was to die for. I read the audiobook and it was a brilliant performance. We have two narrators who swap between Lowen’s voice and Verity’s for the manuscript and that really helps to build an eery atmosphere.

I was, for some reason, expecting a romantic comedy – or maybe just a serious romance – and found myself surprised when this quickly turned into a thriller. Granted, that was my fault for not bothering to read/remember the blurb.

The big house, the impossible footsteps, things not being where they were left are what haunts the pages of this book and leaves us begging to find out what is actually going on. I think Hoover has done an absolutely brilliant job of putting us in the exact mindset that Lowen finds herself in as she lives in this house where only she seems to be the one doubting Verity’s disability as legitimate.

Why You’ll Love It

My favourite thing about almost all of Hoover’s books that I’ve read so far, is how she ends them. It’s always a mind-blowing and thought-provoking ending that this was no exception. You will be unable to put this book down but can trust that Hoover does not turn this into a full-blown horror: if you don’t like scary books this isn’t so bad.

Hoover writes characters so well and she writes tragedies amazingly too. You will love Lowen and relate to her and become equally intrigued in the life of Verity and how she has got where she is now. If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie’s works, then I can promise you that this is something you will enjoy enthusiastically.


But by the final chapter, I was tearing out my hair, unaccepting of the ending that Hoover had presented to us. What is the truth? What happened?! Will we ever know! I would truly appreciate an afterword from Hoover explaining the truth of this book because it absolutely left me reeling!

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