Untruth in Verity | Spoiler-Free Review

Verity by Colleen Hoover Genre: Romance, Thriller Author: Colleen Hoover Published: December 2018 Publisher: Independent Pages: 314 {paperback} Review on Goodreads Initial Thoughts Upon Finishing I don't think I will ever finish processing this book. HOLY GOD. This was an unbelievably brilliant work of fiction, enough to rival And Then There Were None. One of … Continue reading Untruth in Verity | Spoiler-Free Review

MASSIVE November – December Book Haul | 2019

Oh boy, do I have a massive haul to share with you today OR WHAT? So many books. I missed doing my November book haul for reasons you can read about HERE. Which means, unfortunately, you need to limber up your eyes for the book haul of the century. I'm so excited. Christmas is always … Continue reading MASSIVE November – December Book Haul | 2019