September Wrap-Up! || 2018

Can you believe we're already in October? It's crazy! I had a good reading month in September, however, and I can't wait to share all the books I read with you guys. I've also been extraordinarily busy - I'm working 3 jobs at the moment *gasp* - but I'll fill you in on all of … Continue reading September Wrap-Up! || 2018

Alphabethon Round Six! || TBR + Announcement

GUYS. It's here, it's coming: round six of my favourite read-a-thon is just around the river bend. I'm ever so slightly late sorting out my TBR (to be read) pile here but we've still got a little bit of time to shuffle our schedules into place in preparation! This round we will be reading books … Continue reading Alphabethon Round Six! || TBR + Announcement

December Book Haul! |2017

I feel like I've managed to do surprisingly well in December for not buying too many books. For once. I didn't even receive too many for review either - what a win!! Nonetheless, I do have some awesome books to haul and I'm super excited to share them all with you today!  As per usual, I … Continue reading December Book Haul! |2017

January TBR! |2018

I am keen as a bee to get reading this month. I have some excellent books lined up and - fitting with my new yearly goals - a read-a-thon to participate in! If you missed my last post CHECK IT OUT and have a read about a new read-a-thon I decided to start. If you … Continue reading January TBR! |2018

November Book Haul! | 2017

I had a pretty decent haul of books in November, mostly thanks to the extortionate amount of books sent my way from publishers. I'm totally not stressing over those, nuh-uh, definitely not sipping tea like a madwoman wondering how on earth I'm going to get them all read by the end of the year . … Continue reading November Book Haul! | 2017

October Book Haul! | 2017

You could say that I didn't get completely out of control in October when it came to books . . . but my haul sure makes it look like I did. I have wonderful excuses to reason why I accrued so many books, though. And if I have excuses, then all is well. I have a … Continue reading October Book Haul! | 2017

Pumping My Read-a-thon Muscle || ALPHABETHON TBR

Why hello again! What a surprise to see you here. I am so incredibly excited to do this read-a-thon I can't even. Like, I just can't. I don't think what it is about this one but it just makes me so HAPPY. But maybe I should explain exactly what this is before I start pushing … Continue reading Pumping My Read-a-thon Muscle || ALPHABETHON TBR