Top Ten Tuesday: 2016’s Darlings

*Neverland war cry* GUESS WHAT, GUYS? It's Tuesday!! Even more exciting, though, is that when I woke up this morning my first thought was that this time next week . . . I'll be going to the UK! Gosh it's really come around quite quickly. As a quick note to anyone who's missed it - … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: 2016’s Darlings

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Covers

We're here guys, we have arrived at The Question. This is the ultimate quizzicality, the last battle, the penultimate dance, the leap of faith: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE COVER? This week's theme is: Favourite CoversΒ  It really is a difficult question, though. How does one decide these things? There are so many beautiful covers out … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Covers