Upside-Down Books Awards 2016

Welcome, welcome. It’s nice to see you again – please, take a seat. Popcorn to your left, toilets to your right, dog on your lap, cat on your feet. All sorted? Excellent. WELCOME to the annual Upside-Down Books Awards for 2016 *crowd goes wild*. Thank you, thank you – no really, thank you, *catches a bouquet of flowers*.

I formally welcome you to the inaugural celebration of THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR – in the delightful form of various categories. Because categories are life, ladles and jellyspoons. These books are only those I read this year, regardless of when they were published. I present to you a list of 18 awards that I have so generously given to particular books that I have read this year. At the time of writing this, I have read 84 books (and am midway through the 85th) so let’s all applaud me for my magnificent reading progress for the year. Continue reading