Upside-Down Books Awards 2016

Welcome, welcome. It’s nice to see you again – please, take a seat. Popcorn to your left, toilets to your right, dog on your lap, cat on your feet. All sorted? Excellent. WELCOME to the annual Upside-Down Books Awards for 2016 *crowd goes wild*. Thank you, thank you – no really, thank you, *catches a bouquet of flowers*.

I formally welcome you to the inaugural celebration of THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR – in the delightful form of various categories. Because categories are life, ladles and jellyspoons. These books are only those I read this year, regardless of when they were published. I present to you a list of 18 awards that I have so generously given to particular books that I have read this year. At the time of writing this, I have read 84 books (and am midway through the 85th) so let’s all applaud me for my magnificent reading progress for the year.

Finished clapping? Why thank you. I went through a great measure of pains and tearful moments trying to whittle these down to just 18 awards and one winner and two runners up for each. It was a trying time. But we have made it through AND THEREFORE: sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

*lights dim*


The Dalai Lama’s Cat

the-dalai-lamas-catRunners Up:
These books have all sat around on my TBR for quite some time now so these are the oldest TBR veterans that I conquered this year with The Dalai Lama’s Cat taking first place!



Ten Thousands Skies Above You


Runners Up:
Don’t even get me started on sequels this year. They were all so amazing (except for Aerie . . . that wasn’t so amazing). Ten Thousand Skies Above You wins the sequel genre simply because KAPOW. Sequel glory incarnate. But of course ACOMAF and Blood for Blood was also beyond amazing follow ups.



A Court of Mist and Fury


Runners Up:
To avoid spoilers I won’t say who from ACOMAF, but if you’ve read it, you know. It’s just the best, isn’t it? Absolutely delicious. However, following close behind are the gorgeous Simon & Baz and then Louisa & Will because those are true love – you can’t deny it!



Empire of Storms

empire-of-storms Runners Up:
Obviously the best friendship is the one that has blossomed in the Throne of Glass series. If you’re up to date I’ll say you know who I’m talking about (Aelin & Lysandra). However, in second and third place it’s Tia & Lily from Recreated and Cath & Reagan from Fangirl.



A Court of Mist and Fury


Runners Up:
Rhysand’s gang definitely win this one! The squad goal standard is pretty darn high with that lot. But also my other favourite sidekicks are Millard from Miss Peregrine’s and Scorpius from The Cursed Child.



The Just City

the-just-city Runners Up:
I loved the uniqueness of the settings in these worlds. The Just City was a recreation of Plato’s Republic; The Light Between Oceans is set on a lighthouse in Western Australia; and The Gender Game is set in a post-apocalyptic America that’s divided into two countries: one ruled by women, the other by men.



Ten Thousand Skies Above You

ten-thousand-skies-above-you Runners Up:
You can’t deny that the ending to Ten Thousand Skies Above You is CRUEL ON SO MANY LEVELS. But following on for that let’s not mention the absolute cruelty of Salt & Stone (because hello? Where’s the third book?!) or The Just City!



Renée Ahdieh

18798983Runners Up:
Ahdieh is absolutely one of my new favourites! I loved everything about this series. However, other new favourites that I read this year are Amy Plum and Rainbow Rowell.



The Gender Game

the-gender-gameRunners Up:
I was so impressed with The Gender Game. It completely blew me away. Following that Collide by Aimee Jessica Russ and The Dalai Lama’s Cat were a close second and third.



The Book Thief


Runners Up:
To avoid spoilers here I’ll write the names in white. So obviously it had to be (Rudy) for The Book Thief. Nothing gets sadder than that. But following hot on its heels were (Luka) from Blood for Blood and (Izzi) from A Torch Against the Night. *cries forever*



The Commandant (A Torch Against the Night)

a-torch-agains-the-night Runners Up:
Nothing is scarier than The Commandant, *shudders*. However, both King Gaius (Rebel Spring) and Prime Minister Daxton (Pawn) are also as evil as they come.



Under the Empyrean Sky

under-the-empyrean-skyRunners Up:
I mean, just look at the cover of Under the Empyrean Sky – it’s begging to be read. But alas, it was not to be. Other disappointments were A Long, Long Sleep (although it wasn’t terrible) and Nirvana (which I was sadly disappointed with).



Blood for Blood

Runners Up:
Overall, my favourite story was definitely Blood for Blood because it was everything I ever wanted and more, but ACOMAF and Empire of Storms were also right up there.



The Wrath and the Dawn

18798983Runners Up:
I am so glad I picked up Ahdieh’s books because as I said, they’re just magnificent. Other diversity reps that were winners were Carry On (LGBT+ representation) and Strings (disability representation).



Tarzan (Tarzan of the Apes)

25051827Runners Up:
I have to say I was surprised with myself that Tarzan was my pick – but I noticed that I had a lot of issues picking a favourite male lead because I haven’t read many this year! Runners up are, however, Rhysand (ACOMAF) and Elias (A Torch Against the Night).



Yael (Blood for Blood)

blood-for-bloodRunners Up:
There honestly is no stronger a girl than Yael. She is my hero. If I made a dream team, though, she’d be followed by Shahrzad (The Wrath & the Dawn) and Tella (Fire & Flood) – and a special mention given to Feyre!



And there we have it! The winners of these such categories for 2016! Such wonderful books this year, indeed. What were some of your favourites?

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~


10 thoughts on “Upside-Down Books Awards 2016

    1. Thanks Lauren! Omg the Darkest Minds was just incredible! I seriously cannot wait to continue reading the series because DAMN, that ending.

      Definitely crack onto those books because they’ll blow you away as much as The Book Thief did!!


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