January Wrap-Up! | 2022

We did it! We already ticked off the first month of the year, how crazy is that. January was a good reading month for me and I had a lot of fun with the books I got to. It was also a TBR-free month that rapidly devolved into a catching-up-on-review-copies month! Let’s see what I got up to.


**No rating provided for Only Birds Above. This is something I read as one of our upcoming titles at work (see my about page).

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The King of Koraha, Only a Monster, The Inheritance Games, Future Sea

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Shady Hollow

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Amulet of Wishes, A Dead-End Job


book reviews

discussion posts


Books mentioned: Dragonblood Ring, Clap When You Land, Letters From Berlin, The Vanishing Deep, Leviathan, Sisters of the Wolf

Books mentioned: How To Train Your Dragon, Darkling Plain, The Graduate, Skin of the Sea, The Keeper of the Night, A Marvellous Light, The Song of Achilles, Lily Harford’s Last Request, Murder Most Fancy, 1984, the Divergent trilogy + novella, Shadowplay, Rebel Angels, Defy the Night, Letters From Berlin, Green Rising, The Paris Architect, Lilac Girls, The Inheritance Games, The Brilliant Death, The Kinder Poison, Anything But Fine, A Dead-End Job, Bone Crier’s Moon, Spy’s Wife, Dark Rise, The Eighth Wonder, Daughters of War, The Zookeeper of Belfast, Aurora Rising, The Last Bookshop in London, Extreme Conservation, A Perfect Planet

Books mentioned: Future Sea, Lovely War, Fries Ties, Legendborn, A Dead-End Job, The Eighth Wonder, The Brilliant Death, The Graduate, A Marvellous Light, Skin of the Sea, The Keeper of the Night, The Song of Achilles, Piranesi

Let me know how your January went! Tell me which books you enjoyed last month!

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