Woodland Murder Mystery in Shady Hollow | Book Review


Rating: 4 out of 5.

A woodland murder mystery that is both cute and thrilling.

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Author: Juneau Black
Published: January 2022 (new edition)
Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Trade
Pages: 204 (paperback)

Thanks to Vintage Crime/Black Lizard Trade for a copy of this for review!

I just knew I had to read this book when I read the premise. A woodland setting with woodland creatures as the main characters? And a murder mystery? This had all my reader senses tingling for what was sure to be Beatrix Potter/Agatha Christie mash-up. Didn’t think I’d ever be making that comparison!

I found this such an easy and delightful read, with our inquisitive main character, Vera, sniffing out the scoop and solving crimes like she was Sherlock Holmes.

It’s quaint and idyllic, and I’d love to see artwork based on the concept of Shady Hollow. But when the murders begin, everything takes a darker turn.

I didn’t see the killer coming so was pleasantly thrilled that such a seemingly innocent story could still pack a punch like that! The combination of genres, writing styles and themes was absolutely fizzing.

A short, happy and spooky (ish) read that’s well worth it – grab a copy if you see it on the shelf and you won’t be disappointed!

Grab a copy!

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