Top 5 Books I Read in 2021

I read some amazing books last year, quite a few made it to the golden tier of a “all-time favourites” list. So I wanted to share my top 5 with you today!

This was so hard to narrow it down to just 5, there are a couple more that could easily have landed in these spots – but I shall be firm! I shall restrict myself to just the 5. Now, let’s have a look.

No. 5: Project Hail Mary

A dazzling new sci-fi from the master of the genre, Andy Weir. This was a highly anticipated book on my list that I was thrilled to have read last year. Being a big fan of one of his previous books, The Martian, I was expecting big things from Project Hail Mary. And it delivered!

This is by far one of the best sci-fis I have ever read. There are some very unexpected things that happen in this book and I can’t recommend it enough. It is pure genius at work and I could sing its praises for a long time to come.

No. 4: The Beekeeper of Aleppo

This came as a surprise to me, not being a book that had really been on my radar at all! I picked it up as an audiobook as part of the ‘premium plus program’ audible offers (basically a library) to its members. I had heard of the book and knew it was something that might be worth reading, and because it was free with my subscription, I gave it a go.

Wow. This just blew me away and really touched me. This book is profound in the message it is getting across and was actually the first time I have ever read anything based on the refugee crisis before. This feels like a really important book to me and is certainly well-worth the read.

No. 3: The Rose Code

I was ecstatic when I finished reading this book (and a highlight of the year was Quinn herself commenting on my review over on Goodreads!). This is a beautiful WWII historical fiction about the trials and tribulations of working at Bletchley Park (de-coding centre) during the war.

But not only that, this book has an added mystery to keep you intrigued and a heavy dose of tragedy. This delivers on so much more than what it promises, and despite its enormous page count I firmly believe this is a read that is worth it and one that is positively thrilling. I also listened to this via audiobook.

No. 2: What the Wind Knows

Now this is a book I’ve had on my radar for a little while. In 2019 I added this to my watchlist of books to pick up at some point, and eventually I acquired the audiobook (I am noticing a trend here, perhaps audiobooks add a layer of excitement?) and listened with rapt attention as these very Outlander-ish events unfolded.

This entertains a similar plot line of a women travelling back in time but that’s where the similarities end. This is a beautiful, heart-wrenching story of love and loss that brought me to tears. If you love Ireland the romance of that setting, then you’re doubly in for the win as this takes place in 20th century Ireland.

No. 1: The Good Wife of Bath

I could not believe how brilliant this book was. This was a book that landed in my hands as a review copy and it simply stole the cake for how good it was. This is by far one of the best feminist historical pieces of fiction I’ve ever read. Every strong character is female and leading in an important role. But not only that, the female characters surround themselves with other strong, female characters to support them.

I loved the way Brooks structured this story and I’d dearly love to reread it. It’s a reimagining of one of the characters featured in the Canterbury Tales, and the complex development of the characters alongside a simply amazing story firmly landed this in my top spot for 2021.

What were some of your favourite books that you read in 2021?

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