Monthly Wrap-Up | June 2021

Hi everyone and welcome to my wrap-up for June! I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy. I introduced my new format of monthly wrap-ups in May, where I’ll just be sharing my relevant BookTube videos with you guys that you’re invited to watch to see what I hauled and what I read!

One quick note! I’m currently conducting research for my postgraduate studies at Curtin University. Please if you have a spare ten minutes check out my survey about BOOKS! More information about my project can be found on the home page of the survey. Much appreciated to anyone who takes the time!

Books mentioned: Sherwood, Rhubarb, Leave Me Alone, Infernal Devices, Glass Sword, The Ardent Swarm, The Boy From the Mish, Son of the Storm, A History of What Comes Next, Treasure Island

Books mentioned: The Rose Code, The Nature of Witches, What You Can See From Here (review copy from Bloomsbury), The Girl and the Stars, Godblind, Prince of Fools, The Liar’s Key, Vita Nostra, The Dragon’s Path, Arcadia

As you can see, I had an epic reading month with eleven books polished off – and still somehow a huge book haul. UPDATES on that front! I’ve recently set myself a challenge over on my Instagram (and later to be vlogged on my YouTube channel) whereby I’m not going to be buying books for a long time.

This challenge is called the #300TBR. When I started it, I had 361 physical books on my TBR/shelves. The way I count my TBR is that it only consists of the physical books that are on my shelves. So many! I know! I’m getting tight on space so I wanted to challenge myself to get that number down to 300 read (obviously this doesn’t actually get me anymore space, it just slows my collecting down) before I acquire any more books!

Think I can do it?! Let me know down below! I’m excited about it.

Otherwise, I’m about to head into the second semester for university, which will be my last for my postgraduate studies (see my survey above!!). I’m so looking forward to handing in my final paper, which will be a few days before my sixth blogoversary!! (late October)

That’s all from me for now!

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