Monthly Wrap-Up | August

Welcome one, welcome all to my August wrap-up! This is actually a little more than just my August wrap-up as I've changed the way I'm doing my book hauls at the moment. So you're getting more of an August/September book haul thrown in! I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe – and reading … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up | August

Monthly Wrap-Up | June 2021

Hi everyone and welcome to my wrap-up for June! I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy. I introduced my new format of monthly wrap-ups in May, where I'll just be sharing my relevant BookTube videos with you guys that you're invited to watch to see what I hauled and what I read! One quick … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up | June 2021

Monthly Wrap-Up | May 2021

Hey guys, I hope everyone is keeping well. I've been having a think about time management and have decided to revamp the way I do my monthly wrap-ups. So, welcome to the new format!! I'm having lots of fun filming my monthly reading wrap-ups as well as my book hauls, so I've decided (to save … Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up | May 2021

March & April Book Haul! | 2021

Hi everyone! I've decided to do my March and April book haul together so here we go. I hadn't thought I'd have that many books to show you, but (as always) I have a good few. New Books Providence | Max Barry I managed to score this one in a competition at my local book … Continue reading March & April Book Haul! | 2021

February Book Haul! | 2021

I am so late in getting this up for you! March has been a whirlwind of hectic-ness. BUT WE'RE HERE. It's okay. I have many books to show you (naturally). February was ridiculous and I managed to accrue so many new books. My bookshelves are creaking with the weight of all the books I have … Continue reading February Book Haul! | 2021

January Book Haul! | 2021

I actually ended up with a surprising number of new books in January which is delightful, if stressful for my TBR. I did a big pre-order at the end of last year to have something to look forward to throughout the year - meaning I pre-ordered about 10 up-coming releases and naturally a few of … Continue reading January Book Haul! | 2021

December Book Haul! | 2020

I did it, we're here, I've finally got my December book haul up! I've been typing like mad this week to get this stuff done before we get too far into the rest of the year! Not to mention fiddling around with design (as you may have already noticed). This is a WHOPPING big book … Continue reading December Book Haul! | 2020

November Book Haul! | 2020

Honestly, I have no right to be doing a book haul but here we are! I think we all know I'm useless at book bans and I do *usually* go on a book ban for November. You've probably heard me explain this before but if you're new, I give my family my complete wishlist (of … Continue reading November Book Haul! | 2020

Book Haul! | October 2020

I think you're all going to be pretty proud of me once again. Whilst I haven't achieved the unbelievable feat of only acquiring three books like I did last month, it's still not too crazy for October! AND, I'm anticipating I'm only going to get better. Maybe that's not the most exciting content for you … Continue reading Book Haul! | October 2020

September Book Haul! | 2020

It's October! Which means it's time to do another book haul. You won't believe how tame I was in September - SO TAME. I only have three books to share with you today. Which is unbelievable, I know. Who'd've thought I had it in me to not buy ALL the books!? BOUGHT The World Before … Continue reading September Book Haul! | 2020