The Dreamy Covers Book Tag

Hey everyone! Today I’m here with some fun to look at dreamy book covers! I found this tag over at The Mermaid Behind the Books and thought I’d give it ago myself!

The Rules


Thank the lovely person who tagged you, spread the love!

Mention Tiana @ The Book Raven creator of this book tag!

Use the original tag image in your post. (However, Feel free to add whatever other graphics your heart desires!)

At least tag 1 fellow blogger for this tag. Even if your like me sometimes and feel a bit lazy πŸ˜‰

List the rules

β€œNo Ideas But in Things”
A book cover that perfectly expresses the novel inside it

The Game of Love and Death
by Martha Brockenbrough

I adore the cover for this book. I think it really captures the story within with the powers of love and death battling it off against each other and a pilot being one of the main characters.

β€œDark and Lovely”
A book cover that is so creepalicious you just want to eat it up

by Lilli Thal

This is such a creepy and weird cover! It’s a strange little story about a Mime for a court and a little stand-off between two kingdoms. The oddness of this cover is very fitting for the strange story within.

β€œSugary Sweet”
A cute cover that is so fluffy you want to give it a hug

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul
by Deborah Rodriguez

This is an amazing story set in Afghanistan. Rodriguez has a whole series of books following a similar storyline (potentially even the same characters?) of this one and she’s an amazing writer!

β€œThe Simple Aesthetic”
A book cover that stuns with the most minimalistic of design

Ninth House
by Leigh Bardugo

This really is some an impactful yet simple design. There is nothing on this cover apart from the snake and some really big font and yet I absolutely love it and it makes me want to read the book!

β€œCover Envy”
A book cover you wish you had on your shelves, but don’t yet

Star Daughter
by Shveta Thakrar

This is so beautiful! I love all of the colours (well, the gold, I have such a thing for book covers with gold in them at the moment) and am itching to get my hands on a copy of this. I just know how delightfully well this is going to photograph!

β€œTravelling Abroad”
A beautiful book cover featuring a country outside of your own

The Light Over London
by Julia Kelly

An easy pick, London! Living in Australia it feels like 90% of books are set in different countries and this just so happens to be on my TBR (to be read) for September!

“The Colour Wheel”
A cover that showcases one of your favourite colours

Now I Rise
by Kiersten White

Green is my favourite colour! I’m obsessed with the cover of this book partially because of the lovely green they chose to use. But I do think this is a striking cover regardless, I love it!

β€œSwitching Gears”
A cover change you absolutely adore

The Falconer
by Elizabeth May

This is absolutely one of my favourite cover changes. The first one is okay but the second one just hits it right on the nose with the fantasy vibes that you get from this Scottish, fae-killing novel.

β€œOldie but Goodie”
A favourite cover of your favourite classic

by Mary Shelley

Who doesn’t love the Barnes & Noble editions of the classics? I think they’re all beautiful and my favourite classic is Frankenstein, so here we are! The edges of this book are sprayed fittingly black.

β€œAnd the Winner is…”
Which book cover mentioned above is your favourite?


I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this! Make sure you link back to me so that I can see what covers you picked!

Happy reading!

~~ Kirstie ~~


2 thoughts on “The Dreamy Covers Book Tag

  1. This is a great tag and I love your choices! I will have to read ‘Now I Rise’, it’s been a while since ‘And I Darken’..
    Thank you for sharing!


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