Mulan Book Tag

I was not tagged in this but if you know me then you know that there was a snowball’s chance in hell that I wouldn’t just do it anyway. Disney is life! So of course I am bringing you today my unrequested answers to this tag which I shall now endeavour to enthusiastically shout at you. I think it’s always worthwhile philosophising on any question pertaining to Disney, don’t you? Continue reading

The Goodreads Book Tag

Oh look! Another book tag. I’m on a roll. I wasn’t actually tagged to do this (but pssht, who needs to be tagged to do anything?) but if I could date a website, it’d be Goodreads, so OF COURSE I had to do the tag. I saw this done by Naomi @ Professional Fangrl  so be sure to check out her post! Goodreads is the love of my life (and probably your’s too, don’t deny it); it’s just the most perfect website for OCD booklovers so that we can organise all the books into little categories of satisfaction. So! Allons-y! Continue reading

The Sims Book Tag

I was (and let’s be honest, still am) a huge fan of The Sims. I could not tell you for the life of my what exactly it was about that computer game that I found impossible to stop playing but ARGH IT’S SO ADDICTIVE. When I saw jessethereader do this tag on BookTube I knew I immediately had to do it. End of story. So without further ado – let’s get to it! Continue reading