Town Criers in Books: Do We Need Them?

I think this is a great question, DO we need town criers in our epic fantasies? Because I say this not in the sense of should we get rid of them, but should be ADD them? When was the last time you read a story that featured a town crier? SEE. I can’t remember for the life of me one example and I think it’s a missed opportunity.

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June Wrap-Up! | 2020

And with that folks, we’re halfway through the year! Woo!! As expected, I didn’t really read for the first half of June because of final assessments for uni. But! I did do a good amount of reading in the second half of the month and managed to get through four great reads! Which I think is a solid effort for a half a month’s worth of reading.

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June Book Haul! | 2020

At this point, I don’t think we should honestly be too surprised by the number of books I’m hauling for June. *shrug* I just love me some books and I find the way and means to collect them all. We can just slide by the fact that I hauled an enormous number of books for my birthday in May and really shouldn’t have got any in June. IT’S FINE.

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Books to Buy This Month! | July 2020

There are a ridiculous abundance of books coming out this month. RIDICULOUS. I’m actually going to lock my wallet away because I cannot afford (literally or metaphorically) to buy anymore books. June put me to the test and I cracked. BUT OH BOY. Are you seeing this?!? Are you SEEING all the new shinies coming out this month?!?! Continue reading