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I used to have such a fierce rule where I would review everything I read after I finished reading it. I wouldn’t move on to the next book until that review was DONE. I don’t know how I did it and I don’t know when that rule slipped. I miss that amazing self-discipline I demonstrated!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this week’s prompt is:

Books I Loved but Never Reviewed

I love writing book reviews. I feel like it’s such a cathartic way of finishing a story. It gets it out of the system. I felt mentally organised and clean for having logged my thoughts on each story. I don’t know if you can relate to that but it is deeply calming for me. I went through a real rough patch last year and hardly reviewed half of my books. This year, I’ve been really good and almost all of my books have been reviewed. It is time-consuming though! So I must cut myself some slack.

Except I’m not going to. Instead, let’s ring the bell of shame for books I seriously loved but didn’t make the time for to review. Tut. Tut. For extra shame points, I’m going to include the date I finish reading them just so we can bask in how much time has passed. #UltimateProcrastination

1. Stalking Jack the Ripper
by Kerri Maniscalco

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Finished Reading: 11 November 2019

Kirstie! How could you! I’m actually quite surprised at myself for not having gotten around to reviewing this. This is such a wonderful YA historical fiction reimagining of Jack the Ripper. It’s gripping, it’s intriguing and it’s magnificent.

2. Dry
by Neal & Jarrod Shusterman

41998311. sy475

Finished Reading: 21 July 2019

I’m definitely disappointed that I haven’t reviewed this one. This is such a gripping YA dystopian that is horrifyingly realistic. Plus I love Shusterman! This is a classic case of a book I really enjoyed just falling through the cracks. Maybe I’m to blame for more people NOT having read this yet.

3. The Goddess Test
by Aimée Carter


Finished Reading: 14 July 2019

The funny thing about this one is how next-level my procrastination was when it came to reviewing it. You see, I actually handwrote my review. I went through a phase when I felt more inclined to handwrite my thoughts and then transpose them later. But I never transposed them. I don’t even know if I still have my draft. Why on earth did I not just type them up?!

4. What if it’s Us
by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

39704614. sy475

Finished Reading: 16 May 2019

I actually gasped when I realised I haven’t reviewed this. This is one of my favourite contemporaries like EVER!! I love these two authors and I sing the praises of this book so often. And yet here we are. What possessed me to not set aside an hour or two to log my thoughts and review this! Gah!

5. The Everlasting Rose
by Dhonielle Clayton


Finished Reading: 3 April 2019

This is particularly upsetting that I didn’t review this one after reading it because this has started to get foggy in my mind as to what actually happened in this book. I think I’d likely have to re-read this in order to review it now. Sad.

6. Thunderhead
by Neal Shusterman

33555224. sy475

Finished Reading: 28 March 2019

It looks like I have a track record for not attending to my Shusterman books. Another sequel – and one from one of my favourite series – that I’ve yet to review! I would definitely need to re-read this in order to review it, which is worrying because I am yet to read book three . . . maybe I’ll need to re-read it before I read that. Oh dear.

7. The Gilded Cage
by Lucinda Gray

22718751. sy475

Finished Reading: 29 December 2018

This was such a quick and fun mystery to read! I remember whizzing through it so quickly because it was so hard to put down. But alas, apparently I didn’t have a spare moment to sit and review it. Very tragic.

8. The Lantern’s Ember
by Colleen Houck

41953924. sy475

Finished Reading: 22 November 2018

GASP. I know. A book by my favourite author that I somehow didn’t review?!!? Honestly, I thought I had probably reviewed this and am now just disappointed that I didn’t. How dare I leave a Houck book unreviewed. Truly a disappointment to myself.

9. The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy
by Mackenzi Lee


Finished Reading: 15 November 2018

I think I might be bad at reviewing sequels. Why on earth didn’t I review this? You would’ve thought I’d review everything I loved and just maybe let the bad ones slide. But apparently not. This is the fantastic sequel to The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue.

10. And I Darken
by Kiersten White


Finished Reading: 23 October 2018

The thing is, I’m really not helping myself here when I don’t review a book that is part of a series. I still haven’t read the sequel yet after making the swap from audiobook to physical for this, and now my memory of the story is fuggy. I’m absolutely going to need to re-read to continue the series thanks to my past self not bothering to review this so now I don’t even have reminders from that to go on. Pft.

That’s a wrap!

Wow, I found this fascinating to revisit what books I still want to review. It makes me sad that it’ll hit a point eventually where I’d need to re-read the book to properly review. Crazy how that happens!

What books have you still not reviewed?

Happy reading!

~~ Kirstie ~~


24 thoughts on “Books I LOVED but Never Reviewed | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Great list! Haha it’s the worst when you go to review a book and realise you can’t remember a lot of it, isn’t it? I like to review books as soon as I finish reading them, too, and I usually do; I either write them straight away or it takes me an age to get around to it.

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  2. Sometimes I go on goodreads and I could swear I left at least a few thoughts but nope. Blank. But yeah I like reviewing as quickly a possible too. Sometimes that is just not in the cards though.

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  3. All the books you have on here that I’ve read I did review, Stalking Jack The Ripper, Dry, Lady’s Guide and And I Darken. I did however not review the final two books in the SJTR series, at least not fully because I was away in Cape Town when I read them and I only had internet at the office I was working in, so I didn’t write up any reviews for the books I read, instead I just posted short thoughts in a wrap up post I did when I got back.
    My TTT:

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      1. Thanks! Yeah it was definitely an experience not having the instant access to internet that I had at home, but when I was at work, I needed to work on my articles, so no time for blogging. I got as much stuff done before I left as I could, but you can’t write reviews before you’ve read the book!

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  4. Hey, even though 2020 has already lasted like FIVE YEARS, 2019 was not that long ago. Give yourself a break! I am impressed by your former self-discipline, though. I’ve never been that good at writing immediate book reviews. I should be, though, because it’s definitely harder to write book reviews months after you finished the book. That’s how I do it mostly, though 🙂

    Happy TTT!


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