Blast from the Past | Top Ten Tuesday

Can you believe it’s the tenth anniversary of Top Ten Tuesday?!!? That seems so crazy to me to think it’s been going for so long. I started my blog in 2015 (five years ago omg) and Top Ten Tuesday is something I’ve been doing since the very beginning. It’s such a wonderfully fun post and a great way to link together with other people!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and this week’s prompt is a freebie so I’m doing:

Top Ten Books I’ve Read in the Last Five Years

So specific. Well, I decided to go all the way back to my first ever top ten tuesday post. Five years ago. That was actually quite scary to crawl all the way back to the wee early days. We won’t even talk about how many broken images are scattered through those early pages, oh my. But the first TTT I participated in in December 2015 was my favourite books of 2015. Sadly, not one I can actually redo today as my plan was to repeat my first TTT!

So I adapted it a little and have decided to show you my top ten books that I’ve read since I started doing TTT! I’ve gone through my Goodreads reading challenges and picked out my two favourite books from each of the past five and a bit years. Let’s go!



Two of my favourite books from 2015 were A Game of Thrones and Longbourn. GoT surprised me because I had been very reluctant to pick up such a big book but I absolutely fell in love with the story. To this day, however, I’ve neither continued reading the series (I’m so intimidated) nor watched the TV series. Longbourn remains one of my favourite retellings ever – it’s a great spin on Pride & Prejudice!


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Two amazing books I read in 2016 were The Wrath & the Dawn and It Ends with Us. Honestly, the weirdest thing about this post so far is realising how long it’s been since I read some of these fantastic books. The Wrath & the Dawn is my favourite retelling of 1001 Nights and it is so vividly stuck in my head. It Ends With Us is a powerhouse of a book and I don’t think Hoover will ever actually top it.


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2017 was a slow reading year for me because it was when I was in America. But two books from that year that have stuck with me are The Upside of Unrequited which really sealed the deal with me auto-buying anything Albertalli wrote, and Eddie Izzard’s memoirs which are probably my favourite memoirs I’ve ever read.


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Two amazing books that blew my socks off in 2018 were The Gentleman’s Guide and Shadow of the Fox. Both incredibly fun adventures with the main characters finding themselves in difficult and challenging situations.



Last year was a slow reading year once again for me. I also came across fewer books that I loved than ever before. But the ones I did love, were amazing. Jane Steele was a dark horse that totally captivated me and is a retelling of Jane Eyre. And A Curse So Dark and Lonely was just so much fun and a retelling of Beauty and the Beast!


39800738. sy475 29932639

And that brings us to this year! By far, my favourite reads thus far have been The Pearl Thief which was beyond brilliant, and Sleeping Giants which I literally cannot stop talking about. Coincidentally, both are audiobooks!

That’s a wrap!

What are some of your favourite books?

Happy reading!

~~ Kirstie ~~


12 thoughts on “Blast from the Past | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Hi there! I love TTT so much. Mainly because this is my ultimate dream book haul. And the constant reminder of my endless TBR list….

    I’ve had It ends with us and Sleeping Giants on my list forever. Thanks for reminding me again.

    Here’s to all of us and many more TTT posts! My latest one is Ten Books set in South Africa

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