Wishlist Wednesday [#43]

Welcome back to Wednesday! Guess what I started reading this morning? It Ends With Us! A friend lent it to me so I'm taking a quick jump into it before continuing on reading what I received at Christmas. So far so good, but I'm just anticipating Hoover murdering me with feels (does she even write any … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday [#43]

Wishlist Wednesday [#38]

After missing this post last week I'm excited to finally talk about this book this week. I've been so busy lately mostly because NaNoWriMo is making me want to procrastinate everything including writing my novel. It's a tricky situation. I'm at 25,000 words at the moment and know exactly where I want to go with it … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday [#38]

Wishlist Wednesday [#37]

It would seem that I'm rocking disorganisation this week. This post is very late but my only excuse is that I rather like sitting and doing nothing or sleeping. So apologies, friends, but a lady must nap. I also did some yoga today (do you do yoga?) I was practically a stealthy ninja, you should've … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday [#37]

Wishlist Wednesday [#32]

Welcome back! I hope you're having a more successful Wednesday than myself. I'm currently pouring over 17th century accounts of the Atlantic slave trade for an essay . . . isn't uni life fun? You'll be please to know, however, that I've been very good this first half of the month with book buying (spoiler: … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday [#32]