Wishlist Wednesday [#29]

Welcome back! I'm getting very excited to run out to the bookstore because CROOKED KINGDOM IS OUT GUYS. *sirens sound* I'm actually so excited to pick it up and continue the story. Today is a good day. But I digress - let's get back to that infinite wishlist of mine. Wishlist Wednesday is a weekly … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday [#29]

Wishlist Wednesday [#27]

Oh jolly good, you've returned for the second part of Wednesday! Despite taunting myself repeatedly by doing this feature and thus reminding myself how many books I want and how long some of them have been on my wishlist - I've managed to refrain from buying books for basically all of September so far! Let's … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday [#27]

Wishlist Wednesday [#26]

And welcome back to Wednesday PART TWO. It's always terribly exciting having two posts on one day, isn't it? Indeed. Today is the end of the RYBSAT read-a-thon which means I'll be shuffling through all my half-achievements to bring you my wrap-up for both that and the #ReadThemAllThon which finished at the end of last … Continue reading Wishlist Wednesday [#26]

Top Ten Tuesday: Gift Card of Dreams

Guess who's finally back home? That's right!! I had such a fabulous time abroad and I can't wait to share everything with you guys. I'm super happy to be back home and getting back into the swing of things - although I can't say I'm excited to exchange holidaying with studying, *weeps*. This week's theme … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Gift Card of Dreams