Monthly Wrap-Up | May 2021

Hey guys, I hope everyone is keeping well. I’ve been having a think about time management and have decided to revamp the way I do my monthly wrap-ups. So, welcome to the new format!! I’m having lots of fun filming my monthly reading wrap-ups as well as my book hauls, so I’ve decided (to save my poor fingers from the typing) that I’m going to cross-post that here for your enjoyment!

Hopefully this doesn’t get anyone knickers in a twist, but I’d love for anyone reading my blog posts to interact with my other content, whether that be my YouTube channel or my Instagram. And I’m aiming to not drastically double-up on content across the board so that you can follow all three without going over the same material!

Check out the videos below to see what I’ve been up to!

May Reading Wrap-up [vlog format]

Books mentioned:

May Book Haul

[usually I’d do a ‘books mentioned’ here but there were like 55 books so I just … nope, not this month]

In terms of my life outside of books, for those who are interested, life has been good but busy! I’ve finished the first semester of my second year in my postgraduate studies which is awesome. For the rest of the year I’m working on my thesis, which is why you’re seeing my ask for help with a survey! [see below]

One quick note! I’m currently conducting research for my postgraduate studies at Curtin University. Please if you have a spare ten minutes check out my survey about BOOKS! More information about my project can be found on the home page of the survey. Much appreciated to anyone who takes the time!

So for now, I’m finding time to read in a new and beautiful armchair I’ve had made for me, whilst working part-time as an Editor. I cannot for the life of me remember if I’ve given that update in a previous blog post, but yes! I am an editor now! Very exciting! I’m working at a local publishing house here in Western Australia and living my dream. I’ll be working there fulltime once I finish my studies, and I can’t wait.

That’s all from me for now!

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