Books I Haven’t Read Because They’re Enormous || Top Ten Tuesday

We all have those books, don’t we? The enormous page-counters that are absolutely the cause of the bowing shelves of our bookcases. The ones that have been there for years because who even has time to dedicate to that many pages in one book?! Well, let me tell you about some of those lurking tomes of mine today.

I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday today for this post – but it’s actually last week’s prompt. So forgive me *shrug*. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly event hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and the official prompt (of last week) is:

Longest Books I’ve Ever Read

So obviously I’m not quite following that and doing it a little different because I saw Cait’s post at PaperFury and thought, yes, I like that idea.

What I’ve decided to do, for some extra fun, is include the page count and the time it would take me to read these – at an estimate. Roughly speaking, I read at about 1 page per minute. I’m hoping that by doing that, I’ll encourage myself to read them because it looks less intimidating when you realise that’s an achievable amount of hours to put into something! So let’s do this.

1. The Final Empire
by Brandon Sanderson


This actually hasn’t been on my bookshelf for that many years (we measure things in years here, the situation is that bad). I bought it when it was cheap thinking HECK YEAH, let’s get into some Sanderson!! And then I look at it every day and go: nope. So many pages. So much fantasy. Too many words.

TIME TO READ: 10 hrs, 47 mins

2. A Clash of Kings
by George R. R. Martin


I read A Game of Thrones and loved it, then my bravado failed me. For about three years now, I’ve been trying to convince myself to pick up this next book in the series but to no avail. It’s a mammoth and I, a chicken.

TIME TO READ: 15 hrs, 10 mins

3. Vanity Fair
by William Thackarey


so want to pick this one up! I’m very intrigued by the story of this classic but I’m such a wuss when it comes to reading classics. They take so long to read, even when they’re short! So the idea of an uber long classic book is fairly terrifying.

TIME TO READ: 15 hrs, 12 mins

4. Tigana
by Guy Gavriel Kay


This actually annoys me greatly that I’ve not found the courage yet to read it. It’s a huge book. It looks huge. I think it sits somewhere around the 800-page mark but looks, at least, 1200 pages long. I’m fairly certain I’m going to really enjoy it when I read it . . . but who knows when that will be!

TIME TO READ: 13 hrs, 13 mins

5. Anna Karenina
by Leo Tolstoy


I’m honestly not sure if I’m ever going to read this anymore. When I first acquired it, I was actually very excited to read it but then I saw the film and really did not like it. I feel like I shouldn’t let that put me off it but good lord, this book is excessively large.

TIME TO READ: 14 hrs, 8 mins

6. The Wise Man’s Fear
by Patrick Rothfuss 


EEEk! I so want to read this. But I also don’t want to because it is over 1000 pages (in my teeny weeny trade paperback that I bought – what an idiot I am) and also because we don’t even have the next and last book published yet! But lord, this is a big book – but I know it’ll be a quick and fun read like the first in the series.

TIME TO READ: 18 hrs, 27 mins

7. David Copperfield
by Charles Dickens


One day, I will read this. I know it. I’ve read the first chapter twice out of curiosity because I’m a strange child. But I liked the film adaptation (the old one, I think?) and that has encouraged me that I’ll enjoy this. But also, I simply have to read a book by Dickens at some point in my life. But sheesh this is very big.

TIME TO READ: 16 hrs, 14 mins

8. The Bronze Horseman
by Paullina Simons


Everyone who reads this seems to enjoy it a lot. I’m so excited at the prospect of picking it up, yet I never do. It is a decently sized book but I’ve got a nice hardback edition which is also signed! Really, this should have been read by now – it’s totally right up my alley.

TIME TO READ: 10 hrs, 56 mins

9. Eldest
by Christopher Paolini


I honestly don’t remember Eragon (book one) in great detail which I think doesn’t help towards my case of finishing off this series. They’re really dense books as well as being long so I’m super terrified of picking up the second book and getting totally bogged down in it!

TIME TO READ: 11 hrs, 20 mins

10. The Three Musketeers
by Alexandre Dumas


This is something that I think will be awesome fun when I get around to reading it. But it really does look like a big book in the edition that I’ve got. I’m thinking that maybe if I watch the TV series adaptation that I’ll be more encouraged to pick it up and less intimidated? AGAIN, with the long, scary classics!

TIME TO READ: 12 hrs, 32 mins

That’s a Wrap!

What book intimidates you the most?!

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~


21 thoughts on “Books I Haven’t Read Because They’re Enormous || Top Ten Tuesday

  1. If you refer to the film of 2012 Anna Karenina, then it is nothing like the excellent book. The book is a masterpiece whereas the film does not even deserve to have its famous title. The two things – the book and the film of 2012 – could not be more different – in spirit especially, but actually also in characterisation.

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