September Book Haul! || 2018

Hey guys! Hope you’re all well. I’ve been so damn excited about books lately, it’s incredible. I just want to read everything and own everything on very extreme levels. Which means that whilst I’m about to share the most disappointing book haul you’ve ever seen, I’ll tell you now October is going to be a doozy. 

I literally only have three books to share with you today (which is an ABOMINATION). [[ I will note that in my BookTube haul video I totally forgot to haul the audiobook ]] I would like to say however that I did not buy a single book in September *jaws drop*. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t buy a single book in a month. CRAZY. But let’s just jump right into it and make this short and sweet!


Absolute Proof
by Peter James


I have been raving about this book (particularly on my YouTube channel, lately) and want to force it on everyone. This was sent to me by Pan Macmillan and I simply loved it! It follows a reporter who is approached by a man who claims to have absolute proof that god exists. All the reporter has to do is find 3 coordinates somewhere on earth to uncover this proof. Except it’s a thriller and so much shit goes down. Make sure to go check out my full review for all my thoughts on it!

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The Lantern’s Ember
by Colleen Houck


CAN YOU TELL THAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE?! We all know how much I worship Houck and I’m so excited about this latest release of hers. I literally cannot wait to jump into it and providing the gods are smiling upon me, I’ll be diving into this one this month.

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And I Darken
by Kiersten White


I was actually so excited to pick this book with my subscription this month. This is a series that I feel everyone but me has read and I just knew if I bought the book I wouldn’t pick it up for ages. So I got the audiobook – genius! So far, I’m loving it. It’s such an awesome take on Vlad the Impaler.

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That’s a wrap!

Have you read any of these? What did you think!

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~


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