Alphabethon Read-a-thon MONTH LONG Special! || Announcement + TBR

The middle of the year is here and that means it’s time to kick our asses into gear and scramble to reach our reading goals! How? With this special month long read-a-thon SPECIAL for the Alphabethon! I’m so excited about this it’s not even funny.

I’m not going to give you much preamble for this post because it’s going to work a little different to our standard rounds of the Alphabethon which are usually only a week long.

How This Special Round Works

Being a month long special, there are obviously going to be a few differences to how this gig is usually run. Michelle, the creator of this marvellous read-a-thon has designed this round so that we are all going to read TWENTY-SIX BOOKS IN THIRTY-ONE DAYS! Yeehaww!!

Okay, yeah let’s all calm back down. I’ll be happy if I complete two. The challenge for the month is to make your way through the entire alphabet – A-Z – and see how far you get. So, I have made a table below with a “TBR” which is basically a table of books that make the alphabet. My goal is to read as many as I can, but I’m also bending the rules and not necessarily going to read it in alphabethical order. Which is 100% what you’re NOT supposed to do but clearly I’m a rebel so don’t use me as an example. If I need more excuses, it’s going to be that I’m travelling on two separate occasions throughout the month, too – so I’m limited in options. THAT’S MY EXCUSE OKAY BYE GOOD.

This round is also strictly TITLES ONLY. Usually we include author’s first/surname but this time it is only the titles of the books. There are no other challenges for this round either, just the challenge to read 26 books. So! In summary:

  • Read 26 books
  • Start at A
  • Finish at Z
  • Work your way through the alphabet by book title

As usual, we will be hosting Twitter sprints over on the account @Alphabethon so be sure to give it  a follow to keep up to date with what is happening – as well as hearing about future rounds! There are a bunch of hosts helping out for this round, myself included. Who’s ready?!

My TBR List!

I have highlighted the books in green that I’m prioritising and wanting to get to first. Like I said, I will most definitely not be reading all of these. I will high-five myself if I finish 3 books this month.

Letter | Book Letter | Book
A  Alanna: Song of the Lioness N  Nil Unlocked
B  Book of a Thousand Days O  Obsidian
C  A Court of Frost and Starlight P  Pantomime
D  Dune Q  The Queen of the Tearling
E  Everland R  Rise of the Arcane Fire
F  Frostfire S Seeing Redd
G  Glass Sword T A Thousand Perfect Notes
H The Hate U Give U Uprooted
I  Inside Out V  Virgins
J  A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars W  We See Everything
K  Karen Memory X   –
L  The Language of Thorns Y  You Know Me Well
M  Mimus  Z   –

So that means there are eleven books that I’d like to get around to. And eleven is a totally achievable number for me if I have a good reading month with lots of time. However, as I mentioned, I am travelling. I will be spending 10 days in Melbourne (wedding dress shopping for my sister!! Eeee!!) and then a week after that spending just under a week in a place called Esperance, which is right down south of Western Australia.

I honestly have no idea how much that will impact my reading but I usually do next to no reading when I travel . . . but both Dune and Uprooted are audiobooks which I am loving at the moment so perhaps I’ll at least smash those out. FINGERS CROSSED.

What Will YOU Being Reading?

Happy Reading

~~ Kirstie ~~


9 thoughts on “Alphabethon Read-a-thon MONTH LONG Special! || Announcement + TBR

  1. Love the blog post! My sister is also getting married this year. I will be away the last weekend of July for her big bachelorette party so will not be hosting then. Have a fun time while you are away and have fun with Alphabethon this round! 🙂
    FYI for anyone wanting to follow the rules to this round the book must start with the letter of the alphabet you are reading. The Scarecrow for example can not be used for S. It would be used for T.

    Liked by 1 person

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