Audiobook Recommendations | 10 Amazing Audiobooks

Today I have some recommendations for you! I’ve been listening to audiobooks for a long time now and I absolutely love them. To start with, I was not convinced. One of the first audiobooks I listened to was the Diviners by Libba Bray but I really disliked the audiobook performance and it completely ruined the book for me. Continue reading

Books to Buy This Month! | February 2020

I was tossing up whether to do this post because I missed it for January due to personal circumstances – schedules were NOT a thing. And then somehow it’s February!?? I ask myself, is it too late (being the 6 February when I start writing this) to get this going?? And I ask myself: eh, I want to know what books are sneaking onto the shelves this month so HERE WE ARE. Continue reading

Books Worth Buying | Top Ten Tuesday

I do confess that this was a hard topic for me to actually answer. Because almost all of my spare money goes to, and has always gone to, buying books. I have a lot of books. I will never be one of those humble readers who actually uses a library or an eReader. And so, I have two bookshelves and hundreds of books . . . so what books could I possibly want?

Continue reading