Unexpected Tidal Waves in Stormbringers | Sequel Review

【 STORMBRINGERS 】 Book 2 in The Order of Darkness series This series continues to be a blast, enthralling me with every page. ★★★★★ Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical FictionAuthor: Philippa GregoryPublished: January 2013Publisher: Simon & SchusterPages: 288 (paperback) Quick thoughtsThis review may contain spoilers for book one!! Oh my golly gosh goodness I love … Continue reading Unexpected Tidal Waves in Stormbringers | Sequel Review

Blogoversary!! Six Years Today

Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in quickly to say how exciting it is that today marks my sixth blogoversary here at Upside-Down Books! Time has flown by and I can't believe it's been that many years. I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's followed me here, it's wonderful sharing … Continue reading Blogoversary!! Six Years Today

Release Day – Verntropa

Hi everyone! Today I'm bringing you a second post (I know, what a scandal!) to celebrate the release of a new fantasy book I think looks STUNNING. So take a peep below to see the gorgeous cover and read more about this book about dreams and other worlds ... Blurb When we dream, where do … Continue reading Release Day – Verntropa

10 Historical Fictions You Haven’t Read | Top Ten Tuesday

Hello, everyone! Can you believe how close to the end of the year we're getting?! The second half of the year has gone by so quickly, I'm sure of it. Truth be told I'm impressed I actually got a post up today - I've got that big exam I've mentioned a couple of times in … Continue reading 10 Historical Fictions You Haven’t Read | Top Ten Tuesday

GIVEAWAY | 5 Year Anniversary

**giveaway now closed** Congratulations to Jet who was the lucky winner! Thank you everyone for entering! Hey guys! It's my blog's 5 year anniversary on 30 October 2020 and I wanted to celebrate with a little giveaway. Thank you all so much for being here - especially if you've been here since the beginning! I … Continue reading GIVEAWAY | 5 Year Anniversary

Books That Made Me Smile | Top Ten Tuesday

Hello everyone! We have some delightfully wintery weather at the moment which I am absolutely loving because I'm on holiday. And wintery weather is really only super nice when you have nowhere to be. So as I snuggle up by a fire with the rain dancing on the roof, I'm tucking into some excellent reads! … Continue reading Books That Made Me Smile | Top Ten Tuesday

Town Criers in Books: Do We Need Them?

I think this is a great question, DO we need town criers in our epic fantasies? Because I say this not in the sense of should we get rid of them, but should be ADD them? When was the last time you read a story that featured a town crier? SEE. I can't remember for … Continue reading Town Criers in Books: Do We Need Them?

Audiobook Recommendations | 10 Amazing Audiobooks

Today I have some recommendations for you! I've been listening to audiobooks for a long time now and I absolutely love them. To start with, I was not convinced. One of the first audiobooks I listened to was the Diviners by Libba Bray but I really disliked the audiobook performance and it completely ruined the book for … Continue reading Audiobook Recommendations | 10 Amazing Audiobooks

March Wrap-Up | 2020

March was nowhere near as good as I thought it would be. On the back of DNFing two books in February which I have yet to discuss, I've been somewhat in a slump. And just plain old busy. EXCUSES. March was weird though, yeah? Weird on so many levels. I'm now doing uni completely online … Continue reading March Wrap-Up | 2020

Books to Buy This Month! | March 2020

It's March! Already!! How?! But I'm not that upset because that means there are NEW books coming into our life. In fact, there's a release coming out this month that all of us have been so impatiently waiting for - and March is usually an awesome month for releases anyway! Seriously, though, I'm really excited … Continue reading Books to Buy This Month! | March 2020