The Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing || January 2017

Welcome to the delight of an unboxing of the magnificent box, The Dragon’s Hoard! Sadly, this is the last unboxing that I’ll be doing (for now) for this box as Joyce is unable to keep it going at this point. Let us have a moment together where we weep tears of utter wretchedness. Done? Excellent, now let’s enjoy what was in the box.

January’s Theme:

Those Who Consort with Fae

The Dragon’s Hoard is an Australian based subscription company that is absolutely fabulous. They send out boxes monthly on an auto-renewing system. The box costs $30AUD per month (excluding shipping) and is a sci-fi/fantasy specialist (occasionally with some YA). The boxes include one book, not necessarily a new release and usually under 3K ratings (on Goodreads I presume), and 3-5 bookish goodies, with each box curated to a particular theme. The idea is to bring you something you probably haven’t seen before.

A Quick Overview

FAE FAE FAE. That always means there are good things around the corner. I love fae in books because the fantasy vibes are most excellent. This box sure didn’t disappoint and I’m so excited to read the book in it!


The Book

Between Two Thorns

by Emma Newman

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Author: Emma Newman
Published: February 2013
Publisher: Diversion Publishing
Pages: 334 {paperback}

Beautiful and nuanced as it is dangerous, the manners of Regency and Victorian England blend into a scintillating fusion of urban fantasy and court intrigue. 
Between Mundanus, the world of humans, and Exilium, the world of the Fae, lies the Nether, a mirror-world where the social structure of 19th-century England is preserved by Fae-touched families who remain loyal to their ageless masters. Born into this world is Catherine Rhoeas-Papaver, who escapes it all to live a normal life in Mundanus, free from her parents and the strictures of Fae-touched society. But now she s being dragged back to face an arranged marriage, along with all the high society trappings it entails. 
Crossing paths with Cathy is Max, an Arbiter of the Split Worlds treaty with a dislocated soul who polices the boundaries between the worlds, keeping innocents safe from the Fae. After a spree of kidnappings and the murder of his fellow Arbiters, Max is forced to enlist Cathy s help in unravelling a high-profile disappearance within the Nether. Getting involved in the machinations of the Fae, however, may prove fatal to all involved.

This whole book just sounds absolutely spectacular and I cannot wait to read it. I 100% trust Joyce’s recommendations now so I honestly cannot wait to dip into this one and enjoy all the delights that await within.


buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery

Watercolour Tinkerbell Poster

I absolutely adore these art designs. I have two smaller versions with different characters but this Tinkerbell one is an absolute stunner. The watercolours just make my soul want to do a jig out of sheer delight. Obviously I need more of these in my life.

A Candle!

Only the best thing that one could ever receive in a box! I love the Burning Pages candle company and this one smells amazing. You’ll just have to take my word on it – and it’s a custom made one, too!

A Wooden Bookmark

You know you’ve reached new levels of fancy when you have wooden bookmarks to use. I adore this design and love the beautiful yet dark theme of it (skulls + flowers = yes). It’s actually a really nice thickness for a wooden bookmark as well so it doesn’t chunk up my book too much!

And a shout out to Joyce

The Dragon’s Hoard has hands down been my favourite bookish subscription box. I’m so sad that this was the last box but I’m crossing absolutely everything that Joyce will have the opportunity to reboot the project at some point in the future! The quality of the items and the selection of books have been top notch and I’ve not been disappointed once. So here’s to Joyce for doing such an amazing job!

Well, I’m pretty pleased with that. What did you think?

Thank you so much to Joyce for the wonderful times we’ve had with The Dragon’s Hoard!

End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~


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