The Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing || January 2017

Welcome to the delight of an unboxing of the magnificent box, The Dragon's Hoard! Sadly, this is the last unboxing that I'll be doing (for now) for this box as Joyce is unable to keep it going at this point. Let us have a moment together where we weep tears of utter wretchedness. Done? Excellent, … Continue reading The Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing || January 2017

The YA Chronicles Unboxing || October 2016

Hello everyone! Today I'm bringing you another unboxing. I've decided that this will be my last YA Chronicles box. If you read my previous unboxing you'll know that I've been wobbling over whether to continue with them or not. In short, it's been great fun getting these boxes over the past year - but it … Continue reading The YA Chronicles Unboxing || October 2016

Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing || October 2016

I am ever so slightly late in doing this unboxing, so, firstly, my bad. Secondly, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER RIGHT? Ahem. If you weren't aware, I adore this box. This is hands down, continually, the best subscription box that I've ever got. It just has not let me down just yet and that's wonderful. I'm really … Continue reading Dragon’s Hoard Unboxing || October 2016

Lit-Cube Unboxing || August 2016 Special

Today I'm bringing  you a terribly exciting subscription box. Lit-Cube is an American, bookish subscription company and if this box is anything to go by, they're seriously amazing. I wish I could order from them again and again, but alas, international shipping is nasty. In August, Lit-Cube offered a specially curated once-off box which was … Continue reading Lit-Cube Unboxing || August 2016 Special

Unboxing: The Dragon’s Hoard || August 2016

Hello fellow book hoarders! This month I tried a new subscription company and was super pleased with what I found. The Dragon's Hoard (you can probably guess what drew me in there (it's the word "dragon" if you didn't guess)) is a relatively new subscription company based in Perth, Australia - my home city! I … Continue reading Unboxing: The Dragon’s Hoard || August 2016

The YA Chronicles Unboxing: June 2016

I'm a little late with this unboxing but at least I'm here! I really enjoy this subscription company so I'm excited to share with you what was in the June box. I'm trying to savour all the items in this box because I'm not getting the July one unfortunately. I decided against it because I … Continue reading The YA Chronicles Unboxing: June 2016

OwlCrate Unboxing: May 2016

Last month I decided to take a plunge and try out a different subscription box. Usually, as I live in Australia, I enjoy a month bit of fun from The YA Chronicles. But I whilst gallivanting through the joy that is Instagram I saw a bunch of people talking about OwlCrate, of course. OwlCrate is a … Continue reading OwlCrate Unboxing: May 2016