A Little Haul of Stuff

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The goal for today was to post some book reviews, but I went to the cinema instead to see The Danish Girl (9/10 – excellent movie) so you know, change of plan! Luckily for me, an order arrived so I thought I’d share it with you so we can all squee in excitement.

I placed an order on RedBubble a week and a bit ago and it has arrived!! In fact, it all came a lot quicker than I thought it would. Perhaps you are a reader in a country where the postal service can do that magic thing where things arrive the next day (I literally cannot imagine that) but here in Australia, and my fellow Aussie readers I’m sure will sympathise, “quick shipping” means “wow, it got here within 2 weeks!”. RedBubble is absolutely AWESOME because its shipping costs are actually reasonable. Which means I can afford to buy things from it every now and then, which is great news for me and bad news for my wallet.


So what did I buy? I’m a geek at heart and a huge Disney fanatic (why does ‘fanatic’ sound so much more scary than ‘fan’ when that’s just an abbreviation of it? The mysteries of the universe!), so of course nothing I buy is ever normal. And by normal I mean, a pretty pattern or picture. No, no, no, my pillows, mugs, books, bags, and 80% of my t-shirts HAVE to have a reference. Otherwise what’s the point?

I bought two notebooks and one pencil case (fancily called a ‘studio pouch’ or something, what even does that mean?) and I’m very excited about it all. What do I use notebooks for? Well, I use them for writing reviews* and sketching** and planning blog-y stuff. What do I use pencil cases for? Stealing chocolate at parties. I KID (not really). Ahem.

*I’m going to write a post at some point in the (hopefully) near future about how I write reviews in case you were wondering. I actually hand write all of my reviews out first with a very special pen. So keep an eye out for that one.
**I draw, did I mention that? Not professionally, and not fantasically, but I do draw.

 You’ve Got a Friend in Me


Look at that guys, I went outside for you just to take a picture, claps for Kirstie. I saw this online and decided that I needed it. I have zero Toy Story paraphernalia and that needed to change. It’s also blue and blue is nice.

If you wish to be very cool and buy a matching design then click HERE.

 What’s Narnia?


This is a design that I’ve had my eye on for a long time. I was originally going to get it on a mug and then I looked at my mug collection and went, nah, I need more notebooks. So voila! I’m only very obsessed with Narnia at the moment . . .

If you wish to be very cool and buy a matching design then click HERE.

 She Needs to Sort Her Priorities Out


Well of course I had to buy something Harry Potter-y. I’ve actually seen quite a lot of people on BookTube with this exact item and after many months of being jealous decided I should just get one too. So I did (it’s fabulous). I will proudly flourish this every time I need to use it at uni.

If you wish to be very cool and buy a matching design then click HERE.

And there we have it. More of my buying antics. I do have a little book haul (I know, again) up my sleeve that you will hopefully see soon. And of course there’s the matter of the book reviews. If you’re really lucky you might actually get one soon.

Do you also love RedBubble? I’d love to know if you have any cool notebooks like this, too.

Let me know in the comments below what you think!

 End Note

~~ Kirstie ~~

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