Top Ten Literary Locations to Spend Valentine’s Day At || Top Ten Tuesday

I have made the spontaneous decision to restart participating in Top Ten Tuesday!! How exciting! This week is a freebie for love (as it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, people!) so I have decided to list book that have settings I wouldn’t mind spending the day at with some strawberries and chocolate. Continue reading

Exploring My Bookshelves: Family

I’m finally back with another Exploring My Bookshelves. I haven’t participated over the last couple of weeks because I’ve been busy doing other things and this just sort of didn’t happen. But I’m back, so that’s good. Exploring My Bookshelves is a weekly meme co-hosted by Shannon @ For The Love of Words and Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds. Each week we’re given a new theme and we get to talk about one book that relates to it. It’s good fun and sort of like speed-dating someone’s bookshelf.

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A Little Haul of Stuff

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The goal for today was to post some book reviews, but I went to the cinema instead to see The Danish Girl (9/10 – excellent movie) so you know, change of plan! Luckily for me, an order arrived so I thought I’d share it with you so we can all squee in excitement.

I placed an order on RedBubble a week and a bit ago and it has arrived!! In fact, it all came a lot quicker than I thought it would. Perhaps you are a reader in a country where the postal service can do that magic thing where things arrive the next day (I literally cannot imagine that) but here in Australia, and my fellow Aussie readers I’m sure will sympathise, “quick shipping” means “wow, it got here within 2 weeks!”. RedBubble is absolutely AWESOME because its shipping costs are actually reasonable. Which means I can afford to buy things from it every now and then, which is great news for me and bad news for my wallet.


So what did I buy? I’m a geek at heart and a huge Disney fanatic (why does ‘fanatic’ sound so much more scary than ‘fan’ when that’s just an abbreviation of it? The mysteries of the universe!), so of course nothing I buy is ever normal. And by normal I mean, a pretty pattern or picture. No, no, no, my pillows, mugs, books, bags, and 80% of my t-shirts HAVE to have a reference. Otherwise what’s the point? Continue reading

Book Review: The Last Battle

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The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis




Genre: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy
Author: C. S. Lewis
Published: 1998 {this ed. 1st pub. in 1956}
Publisher: HarperCollins {this ed. 1st pub. by The Bodley Head}
Pages: 222 {illustrated paperback}

Original review on Goodreads

Initial thoughts:

Okay, I try not to swear but HOLY SHIT this book is incredible. I have honest to goodness NEVER been so blown away by a book. That was both the most sad and happy thing I have EVER read. Can everyone please, please, please read this book. Excuse me whilst I go and sit, dazed, in a corner for a few hours now. Continue reading

For Narnia! The Series & the Magic

Narnia and Magic

In 2015 I became a true Narnian. I realised that I’d never read the whole series – how had I gone that far in life and not read these books? So I did a Narnian Marathon. I read them in chronological order which goes: The Magician’s Nephew, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and, The Last Battle. This was the ultimate challenge for me, to read all seven books in one go – because, as you might know, I truly suck at keeping to TBRs. And I so almost did it.


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